About Me

I’m Amy, a warm weather, sun loving girl who is currently living in the dreary pacific northwest.  My husband and I have been married since 7/14/01 and have two great girls, who I will call BQ and Molé , don’t ask, for privacy reasons.  BQ is our firstborn (winter 2006) and Molé is her trusty sidekick (winter 2008).  This past November we added a baby boy to the mix, who we will call “Bubby” here in blog land.  Choosing to take care of them full time is something I’m proud of, even on the days when I feel I’m failing.  My husband is amazing and I would never be able to do it without his unending support and encouragement.  He is currently a hematology/oncology fellow which I’m sure you will hear lots about on here!

At any rate, I hope this blog is a place where we can share stories, laughs, heartaches, but most of all encouragement as we seek to be great moms raising even greater children.  I look forward to the process!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are amazing Amy! I am sending this to my sister, Tracy. As she is a Mom I know she will enjoy this even more than I did.
    I truly don’t know how you do it!

  2. Hey, my sister told me you had to be a bit of a gypsy family while your husband was moved around for residency…or something. I don’t remember details. So, how did you deal? How did your kids deal with the change? I ask as we are preparing for a five week stint in Portland, OR for the month of July for a law class. I’m totally psyched to be away from AZ for July (duh!) but kinda wondering how all the sleeping will work out. And the meltdowns. When do I schedule those in–or do I just count on them happening at all hours?

    1. straight up embrace the chaos. five weeks will be tough since it’s so temporary, but you can probably just make it all adventure for the older girls and live by the motto “what happens in portland, stays in portland” if you have to resort to desperate measures like extra t.v. and drugs…i mean cookies. i think our next move will be hardest, actually. we are probably heading to seattle in june ’10. (fun to be near christa, actually). any-who, i have no answers. hang in there!

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