Breakfast of Champions


This afternoon it was raining. I was grouchy. Really grouchy. Kind of like if you were to roll all the power and fury of PMS, pregnancy and postpartum hormones into one. Yep, that bad. I decided to toss the kids in the car and head for a hazelnut coffee from Panera’s drive-thru. What’s that you say? No, I didn’t stutter. The Panera near my house has a drive-thru. And it’s as awesome as you dreamed it would be.

Anyway, from the backseat BQ says, “Mommy, tomorrow you can sleep as late as you want,” which is odd considering how that is, um, never the case. She continued with, “If Bubby wakes up, Daddy can get him and you can sleep. I want to make you breakfast.” Let’s just say if that conversation had happened about five minutes earlier I could have saved the two bucks I spent on coffee. Who needs a treat when I have that kind of sweetness coming from the backseat! (pun intended). The fact that I had been nothing but unpleasant for the hour prior made it all the more amazing.

What are the amazing things your kids are saying these days? Write them down, drink them in like a steaming hot latte (or your go to beverage of choice). Way, way better than any high caloric treat out there and they won’t make your thighs jiggle. Just sayin’.


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