Well Hello There

To quote a band from my younger days, “Oh, oh I’m still alive.” Pearl Jam rules. It isn’t that I haven’t thought about writing, or had a plethora of kidlet stories to share with you. I weaned a baby, had an amazing Christmas with my sweet fam, and fumbled along with many mothering tasks along the way. I love having a place to process and write, but am figuring out whether blogging is the best place. Did that make any sense? So, bear with me. I promise I will let you if I do decide to leave the blogging world. I’m sure there will be an epic last blog, of course. :). Regardless, thanks for listening to my stories and sharing yours with me. You all make me a better mom and for that I am forever grateful.


4 thoughts on “Well Hello There

  1. Hope you stay!! Or at least let us hear your great stories and mothering advice somewhere else!! You’re a great writer and a great mom!

  2. DO NOT GO. I will not allow it. Motheringthrough must continue because, “But I love it. And it’s too spicy. And it’s my favorite thing in the world,” is epic. And that list of airplane “To Dos” is amazing. Persevere, old friend!

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