Pants on the Ground

Remember that American Idol ditty from a season or two ago? Heck yes. Older guy rocking out to a self written tune about young men with their lowrider, boxer clad booties hanging out. It’s on you tube if you need a reminder.

Anywho, the other night as I was cooking dinner with my pants around my ankles this song came to mind. Was I trying to spice things up for my husband? No. Was it hot? Not so much. It’s called stretched out elastic waistband and grabby 11 month old who will pull up on anything. What was even better (NOT) was that I had decided to make chicken fingers and was in the process of the flour, egg, bread crumb assembly line. Fingers caked in raw chicken, egg, and goop were not exactly fit for pulling up pants. Did I mention that the babe is teething and must put his mouth on everything? So he was licking/biting/feasting on my legs after the depancing. Awesome.

Anyone else cooked with her pants down?


4 thoughts on “Pants on the Ground

  1. I was dealing with that tonight while making dinner. David wasn’t attacking my legs though. Fun stuff with the little ones for sure.

  2. I often compare wearing Maternity pants when very pregnant to trying to keep a tube sock pulled halfway up an orange…which led to many saggy-pants situations for me. I have also wondered… if all the moms of the world started wearing their pants baggy with their asses hanging out, would the people who like that look then pick their pants up out of disgust.

  3. Oh, it’s happened to me sister. More times than I can remember. Add in some ugly underwear (did i remember to even put any on?!?) and just hope that no one knocks at the door…

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