The Beach (9 month old style)

So today the three ladies took me on yet another one of their outings.  I heard rumors that we were headed to the beach so I was pretty excited about another chance to have a sand snack.  That stuff is amazing.  Anyway, this place didn’t have any sand.  The biggest of the three ladies put down a blanket that evidently she thought I would just hang out on (when will that one learn?) while the medium and small ladies played.  Well, the blanket was on top of these intriguing round objects that I obviously has to investigate.  Turns out, they are called rocks.  I found it quite easy to pull back the blanket and then throw myself forward into the sweet heaven below.  Those rocks were delicious. Best teethers I’ve tried in a long time.  There was even a nice slope where I was sitting so I made the large one work pretty hard to keep me from rolling away.  Awesome.

After a while I was feeling a bit tired since the ladies were in such a hurry to get out of the house before I had my nap.  The large one, actually I think her name is “Mom,” tried to lull me to sleep with the power of her milk but I was too wise.  I partied a bit more, but man I was really feeling the fatigue.  So, Mom pulled my carseat out of the car, swung it back and forth, hooked me up with my paci, and I was able to pass out in the shade with the sound of the water hitting the rocks.  Very nice.  When I woke up fifteen minutes later I was greeted with food and more rocks.  I guess the ladies were tired because soon after we packed up and headed back to the car.  I had a nice squeezy tube of various fruits on the way home that I half ate, half squirted about.  I was feeling tired again about the time we arrived home so I got a nice belly full of that awesome milk and passed out in my bed.  I gotta say all in all, this guy is a beach guy.


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