Mother of the Year Moment 5,362…

Baby boy woke up at 5:30 obviously not ready to start his day, but definitely not in the mood to drift back to sleep.  A half hour into the “back to sleep battle” Molé starts to whine about what I think is a phantom arm injury.  By 6:20 baby boy seems to be surrendering and is quiet.  6:30 Molé cries again saying she wants to wake up, which may be her desire but is not a good idea considering it would most likely be a morning of meltdowns from a tired little girl.  Back to bed little one.  6:50 Molé is once again crying, this time she says her tummy hurts.  Mommy being a GENIUS, assumes she is simply hungry and gives her half of a banana to eat in bed with the instructions, “Go back to sleep.”  7:00 I hear screaming from Molé and as I charge into the girls’ room sleep deprived and annoyed, ready to pounce, I realize that she is in fact vomiting.  That’s right, she was nauseous and I fed her a banana, which I had the privilege of seeing minutes later.  Awesome.  After stripping her down, putting her in a nice warm bath and apologizing profusely, she explains to me that she had in fact been telling me all along that her tummy hurt and her arm was fine.  Sleep deprivation has definitely taken me off my A game.  (well, to be honest I was probably only running about a C+ before)

Yelling at a puking child is just one more reason why this momma needs a whole lot of grace.  Especially considering that I may be spending a lot of time doing laundry today.  I’m reminded again that so often my first instinct as a mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter can often be to assume rather than to listen.  Molé is 3 1/2 so I just assumed she was being difficult, rather than realizing she was not feeling well.  It doesn’t take a mothering prodigy to realize that nagging stomach pain may mean you need to get a child in front of the nearest toilet ASAP.  Good thing when I apologized my sweet girl lavished unconditional forgiveness upon this broken vessel of a momma.  And good thing that is just a smidgen of the amazing grace that God himself offers to all of us every single moment of every single day.



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