Tangle Trauma

Little girls and long hair. Two great things that do not go so well together. The drama, the brushing battles, the tears, the brushes thrown across the room (totally imagining that might happen to someone, not from personal experience or anything…). Madness I tell you, madness.

My girls have completely different hair. Molé’s is very fine, very straight and may get one or two tangles a week. Poor BQ on the other hand has my hair. Takes years to dry, must be battled for straightness and likes to get knotted. I had been lamenting to a friend about the daily brushing battles and she was kind enough to send me this.

20110817-023014.jpgThe Tangle Tamer (unfortunately she did not send me Ina Garten, the lovely lady on t.v. in the background.  She makes me want to eat the screen.  My 2 pm naptime guilty pleasure)

Anyway, not a bad device and whether it was the “placebo effect” or The Tamer itself, the hair fits improved.  BQ and I had discussed the possible benefits of a haircut in the knot department but she was not on board.  “I just love my long hair.”  How can you argue with a five and a half year old who loves Rapunzel?  Well, shockingly she approached me and stated that she was ready for a cut.  Off we went on a date, that’s right I paid for a haircut, and she lost five inches!  That’s like half the length of her body, people.  And the results are not only dramatic when brushing her hair, but I think the cut aged her about five years.  Um, where did my little girl go?  Three weeks until kindergarten and you know what, she kind of looks old enough.  Sigh.

All of this rambling is to say if you are currently stuck in the never ending battle of the tangles, perhaps it’s time to employ the assistance of the Tangle Tamer or a pair of scissors.  After all, it’s better than throwing brushes or threatening to shave your daughter’s head.


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