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Stuff I’m Loving

That’s right, time for another edition of “Stuff I’m Loving.”  It never fails to help change my attitude when I sit down and make one of these lists.  It is really easy to get bogged down by the monotony of life with small children.  Some days feel like an endless cycle of wake, prepare food, clean up food, sip coffee, clean people, dress people, change diaper, wipe bottoms, sip coffee, put baby down for nap, prepare food, sip coffee, ask children to pick up toys, wash dishes, remind children that they are supposed to be picking up toys, go put baby’s pacifier back in, sip coffee, and well you get the picture I’m sure.  But when I actually take the time to put down in writing the random, sweet and unexpected things that pop in along the way I am reminded of just how wonderful my life truly is these days.  It’s the small stuff, the little things that make it all worth while.

1.  The smell of my husband’s aftershave on my babies.  The Doc leaves for work early, but tries to see the girls before he heads out.  The Little Dude and I are usually still sleeping, so we don’t get to see him.  (btw I’m not a slacker, he leaves before 7) But, when I go to hug the girls later I get a wonderful whiff of The Doc from their cheeks and I’m reminded that not only does my husband smell good, but that I’m not alone in this crazy parenting business.  Regardless of how much time The Doc has at home he is always with us, for us and in support of me.  Such a gift.

2.  Sunny days!  Where we live, sunny days are not the norm so we greet them with cheers and relief.

3.  Living five minutes away from my sister-in-law.

4.  My minivan.  It has been in the shop for over two weeks (a post for another day) and I am acutely reminded as I slam three children into a midsize SUV loaner how GRATEFUL I am to have a car that fits our family comfortably.

5.  My children’s flexibility and ability to always find something to do, even on the third day in a row that we are trapped at home without a car.

6.  Mother’s Day.  🙂  I mean seriously, kind of better than a birthday.

7.  Drive-thru coffee stands and a Mother’s Day gift card that lets me enjoy them without guilt.

8.  Cinnamon/Apple/Sweet Potato Applesauce.  Was this made originally for the baby?  Yes.  Am I currently obsessed and stealing spoonfuls throughout the day?  Yes.  Ridiculously good.  Think I may need to go whip up a new batch right about now…

9.  Nursing.  I’m reminded each time I look down upon my sweet baby boy how short these days are and feel blessed to be able to nourish him in such a wonderful way.

10.  Summer fruits and vegetables.  Oh my goodness it’s so great to be breaking out of the monotony of winter options and into the summer season!!!  CSA boxes will be arriving soon and the farmers’ markets beckon.  Berries, cherries and melon here we come.

11.  Music.  Sometimes you just need to dance out the day.

12.  Texting.  Seriously it is the only way that I am able to attempt to keep in contact with friends these days. If you don’t text and leave me voicemails, you may soon begin to hate me because I don’t call back.  It isn’t you.  I just don’t have phone energy these days.  If you text, we may just become best friend again.

13.  My phone camera.  I am horrible with the “real” camera these days, plus I don’t have one of those cool/hip/fancy cameras that are so popular that take awesome pictures.  Its all about the camera phone.  Without it, I fear my children would have no record of their childhood.  (sorry mom).

14.  Fruity lip balm.

15.  Babyganics clothes stain spray.  Was it $7 for the bottle…I’m afraid that yes it was unfortunately.  But does it ROCK like nothing else I’ve ever seen before in my 32 years of life?  YES!  There isn’t anything it has been unable to conquer, and that includes 2 year old stains that were on BQ’s old clothes that I’ve pulled out for Molé and the bright yellow pre-solids baby poop.  It’s magic and not made of a bunch of toxic junk.  Seriously, cut out a latte and spend it on this stuff.

16.  Cloth diapers.  I really, really enjoy not having to buy diapers anymore.  And they look cute.

17.  Watching cousins become friends.

18.  BQ turning into a real little person.  She is getting way too big for my liking, but it’s pretty darn cool.  And after some time in Florida, she has even developed some freckles on her nose.  Are you kidding me?  Too much cuteness.

19.  Little girls in matching jammies.

20.  My sweet Little Dude.  Seriously, this baby boy has his momma wrapped around his delicious little finger.  I am in trouble.

Now it’s your turn.  Make a list and remind yourself that your life is pretty rad.


A Week In Need of a Good Shepherd

Yesterday we walked to the store.  It’s really close and it was a beautiful day.  We didn’t actually need anything there, but we needed to leave our house and since our car is in the shop, we set out on foot.  We bought a random snack of chocolate milk and almonds, not very exciting but something.  As I approached the U Scan and fumbled around for my keys, so that I could scan my store card, it occurred to me that I did not have them.  In fact, I could not recall closing or locking the door when we left.  As far as I knew, there was an open invitation to the neighborhood to come on over.  Good thing we live in a basement apartment with an entrance around the back of the house because I can confirm that when we returned the door was WIDE OPEN.  But seriously, what a reflection of my week.  Hopefully I’m not the only one who is grateful that my head is attached to my body.  Call it “mommy brain” if you want, but thank God that even when we do things all wrong and mix up the details, He is watching out for us.

In the Bible there are numerous references to God being our shepherd, the one who cares for us and leads us with gentleness and care.  Psalm 23, probably one of the most often quoted, even begins with, “The Lord is my Shepherd.”  What is it about God as shepherd?  Why are we so drawn to this imagery?  For me it’s comforting to know that as I fumble around and fail miserably while attempting to multi-task, God is leading.  He is guiding, caring, protecting, providing and loving me through it all.  As a mom, this is even more of a relief as I do much shepherding to my little herd of three.

A year or two ago, I came across a familiar shepherding passage but something new jumped off the page.  Check this out:

“He tends his flock like a shepherd, he gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”  Isaiah 40:11.

Um, did you see the part in bold?  Those that have young, as in US!!  God himself knows that as we parent and strive to guide, care, love, protect and provide for our children that we are in need of a shepherd more than ever.  So much so that he makes special mention of it.  And, on top of it all, he leads us with gentleness.  On the days where nothing in your life feels gentle as you parent a sassy three year old, tantrum prone toddler or teenager with attitude remember that God himself is leading you.  He is faithful and he is gentle.  I don’t know about you, but that is what I need to hear.  Be encouraged friends.