Sink or Swim

Today was the first day of the girls’ swim lessons.  Let’s just say that swimming isn’t number one on either of their lists.  Um, maybe not in the top 100.  At any rate, The Doc and I have always loved the water.  I did more splashing while The Doc swam, and did very well I might add, all the way through college.  When you grow up in a hot place, you swim.  And you start very young.  Unfortunately we have been stuck in places where outdoor pools are uncommon, or empty/frozen most of the year, and our girls have not had much exposure to swimming.  They’ve been to the beach, wading pools, etc., but have never really learned any type of swimming skills.  At 5 and 3 it’s time, not because I have aspirations of them one day reaching the Olympics, but honestly for their safety.  I was worried that there would be copious amounts of screaming followed by “Mommy Mommy MOMMY” but was pleasantly surprised at how well it went overall.  Were there tears, yes.  Was there one bout of “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY,” yes.  But they do not seem to have suffered any permanent emotional scarring.  We’ll see how the next six weeks go…



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