Monthly Archives: March 2011

Heart Melters

Lately my BQ has surprised me with her insight and thoughtfulness. I don’t often give her enough credit for the amazing things she does.  I find myself just wanting to gobble her up these days and that is a gift.  She’s totally too cool for my constant demands to kiss her delicious cheeks and snuggle with me, but I’ll take what I can get.  At any rate so I don’t forget and so that I publicly affirm my sweet girl here are a few treasures of late.

– As we were walking into the community center to play yesterday she casually says, “Mommy, thanks for taking us on such a great adventure.”

– During dinner the other night, “Thanks for cooking us such a good dinner Mommy.”

– Tonight after I read the girls a book we stayed a snuggly threesome on Molé’s bed for prayer time.  One of the things I prayed for was that God would help me to be a good Mommy to the girls and their brother.  After the prayer, BQ looks up at me and says, “Mommy, you’re a good Mommy.”  I told her thank you but explained that I always want to be a better Mommy.  She said, “But Mommy, you’re the best Mommy in the whole world.”

She is simply delicious folks.  Mommy’s heart= mush.


Sink or Swim

Today was the first day of the girls’ swim lessons.  Let’s just say that swimming isn’t number one on either of their lists.  Um, maybe not in the top 100.  At any rate, The Doc and I have always loved the water.  I did more splashing while The Doc swam, and did very well I might add, all the way through college.  When you grow up in a hot place, you swim.  And you start very young.  Unfortunately we have been stuck in places where outdoor pools are uncommon, or empty/frozen most of the year, and our girls have not had much exposure to swimming.  They’ve been to the beach, wading pools, etc., but have never really learned any type of swimming skills.  At 5 and 3 it’s time, not because I have aspirations of them one day reaching the Olympics, but honestly for their safety.  I was worried that there would be copious amounts of screaming followed by “Mommy Mommy MOMMY” but was pleasantly surprised at how well it went overall.  Were there tears, yes.  Was there one bout of “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY,” yes.  But they do not seem to have suffered any permanent emotional scarring.  We’ll see how the next six weeks go…


Fancy Talk

BQ the other day while setting up her dollhouse…

“So you just put this here and move this over there and…voila!”

Thank you, Fancy Nancy.  We dig the “fancy talk” up in here.

(BTW does anyone else find it odd that Nancy never reveals the name of her little sister?  That fiery little brunette goes incognito, but why?  Discuss…)