To Whom it May Concern

Dear Makers of Method Baby Products,

Babies are yummy.  Babies are delicious.  Babies, yes, are almost edible.  Almost.  Their soft and squishy bodies beg to be kissed and nibbled.  The cheeks, the little toes, the bellies…

So why, with such scrumptiousness already abounding, must you turn my baby into a marshmellow?  That’s right, you and your wonderful gentle cleansing powers that leave my baby’s skin soft and fragranced with rice and mallow.  My inability to stop kissing my babe’s head has required repetitive applications of lip gloss and while I cannot place all blame for his kissable head on your product, it is not helping.  Perhaps it might be better to place a warning label upon your product to cover the benign words “rice and mallow” so that a new mom will more accurately understand that she is about to coat her luscious little one in the smellable version of marshmellow fluff.  Just sayin’.

Thank you for your time.

A concerned and very weak mom


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