Things I’m Loving These Days…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another round of “What Amy’s Loving These Days.”  (I really just heard that in a game show host’s voice in my head.  Perhaps it’s the sleep deprivation talking?)  Just a little thing I like to do from time to time to remind myself that my life is pretty flippin’ awesome.

Squishy baby cheeks

Baby carriers (there is a good reason that women have been wearing their babies around the world for thousands of years- it’s fabulous!!)

Community centers with indoor play areas

Lattes…lattes…lattes.  Double split shot 12 oz please.

Little girls who are sisters and best friends

Nap time when three children are simultaneously sleeping (not an everyday event of course)

A husband who works so very hard

A sister in law who is willing to add your needs to her grocery list

BQ remembering and telling me about a dream for the first time (we were going to the moon, Daddy was Saturn…)

Renting and not owning our home (or cave/basement apartment to be more accurate)

My sweet swagger wagon (don’t fight the minivan people, they are AWESOME)

Wearing pants that involve zippers and buttons in public

Having a washer/dryer in my home (poor thing is working overtime with 5 people, one of whom makes A LOT of laundry)

The sound of my girls playing together

First smiles from a sweet baby

My mom who loves my little girls so much that she is willing to make an extra trip just to make their birthdays special

When Molé’s answer to The Doc’s question of “What made you happy today,” is “When Mommy hugs me.” (um, yes, yes please delicious cutie)

BQ deciding to share a treat she earned with her sister without being asked

A Mother in law who brings you soup and goes on adventures with your girls

The fact that my girls will go anywhere for any amount of time in the car because of a two disc Christmas cd that contains the tunes “Frosty” and “The Real Jingle Bells” (they have new titles according to the ladies).  Are there 40 songs total, yes.  Do we listen to only two, pretty much.  But a backseat of giggles and cute singing…how can I complain?

Watching my girls come up with games to play together.  Love this stage!

Being at home full-time

Baby Zantac (oh how sleep has improved for my little boy who no longer has a burning esophagus)

Being a Mommy of three


That’s it for me, but how about you?  Make your list and refer to it during the crazy moments.  It will hopefully remind you why you do what you do and how blessed you are to be doing it.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving These Days…

  1. I am aiming to be a better commenter this year. 🙂

    1.) $5 pizza from Little Ceasars. And husbands who buy it for you when you have had a busy week.

    2.) The promise that God has a plan and He is living and active in making it happen in our lives… if we would only cooperate!

    3.) Wonderful friends. They are scattered all over, but they love me and know me nonetheless.

    4.) Being adopted as a child of God.

    5.) Watching your child learn new things. Hearing those first words read are amazing!

    6.) Hugs from an almost-two-year-old who still flops her whole body weight onto your shoulder.

    7.) Baby heartbeats!

    8.) Finding more reasons to love your husband, growing closer though the years, and laughter.

    9.) Dr. Pepper. Yes, let ‘s be honest… gotta love the DP.

    10.) NOT throwing up.

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