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Deep Thoughts

We’ve all heard the phrase, “A watched pot never boils,” right?  But what about those “unwatched” pots?  Those that evidently do boil?  In my experience, their expression could be, “An unwatched pot boils, burns, spills over and creates a mess that you’ll be able to enjoy/clean for weeks to come.”  This is also true when items go unwatched in the oven.  Let’s just say the creamed spinach I made on Christmas, which erupted in the oven, continues to make itself known each time I use the oven.  (since I cannot seem to remember to clean said oven in between uses).

What is the point of all of this you might ask?  Only that life these days feels a bit like an unwatched pot churning and burning on the stove.  The ingredients, the recipe itself is fabulous, but the execution leaves something to be desired.  My days of pot watching will return, and then I’ll lament the fact that nothing is boiling.  I’m embracing the burnt edges and sticky stovetops because they mean that I’ve got better things to do.  Things like nursing a sweet baby boy, playing “Saint Nicole” with my little girls and occasionally taking showers and pondering when pots may or may not boil.


Things I’m Loving These Days…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another round of “What Amy’s Loving These Days.”  (I really just heard that in a game show host’s voice in my head.  Perhaps it’s the sleep deprivation talking?)  Just a little thing I like to do from time to time to remind myself that my life is pretty flippin’ awesome.

Squishy baby cheeks

Baby carriers (there is a good reason that women have been wearing their babies around the world for thousands of years- it’s fabulous!!)

Community centers with indoor play areas

Lattes…lattes…lattes.  Double split shot 12 oz please.

Little girls who are sisters and best friends

Nap time when three children are simultaneously sleeping (not an everyday event of course)

A husband who works so very hard

A sister in law who is willing to add your needs to her grocery list

BQ remembering and telling me about a dream for the first time (we were going to the moon, Daddy was Saturn…)

Renting and not owning our home (or cave/basement apartment to be more accurate)

My sweet swagger wagon (don’t fight the minivan people, they are AWESOME)

Wearing pants that involve zippers and buttons in public

Having a washer/dryer in my home (poor thing is working overtime with 5 people, one of whom makes A LOT of laundry)

The sound of my girls playing together

First smiles from a sweet baby

My mom who loves my little girls so much that she is willing to make an extra trip just to make their birthdays special

When Molé’s answer to The Doc’s question of “What made you happy today,” is “When Mommy hugs me.” (um, yes, yes please delicious cutie)

BQ deciding to share a treat she earned with her sister without being asked

A Mother in law who brings you soup and goes on adventures with your girls

The fact that my girls will go anywhere for any amount of time in the car because of a two disc Christmas cd that contains the tunes “Frosty” and “The Real Jingle Bells” (they have new titles according to the ladies).  Are there 40 songs total, yes.  Do we listen to only two, pretty much.  But a backseat of giggles and cute singing…how can I complain?

Watching my girls come up with games to play together.  Love this stage!

Being at home full-time

Baby Zantac (oh how sleep has improved for my little boy who no longer has a burning esophagus)

Being a Mommy of three


That’s it for me, but how about you?  Make your list and refer to it during the crazy moments.  It will hopefully remind you why you do what you do and how blessed you are to be doing it.  🙂

Like A Baby

Last week at my moms’ group a fellow mom asked me the ever-so-popular-but-extremely-annoying question, “So, how’s he sleeping?”  How many of us when in the trenches of carrying for a newborn are asked this if not on a day to day, then an hour to hour basis?  It isn’t that there is anything wrong with the question, it’s more of what it does to the mom who has to respond.  You see the truth is that babies, those warm and squishy fresh new little people we take care of, do not sleep well.  Wait, what?  Yes, yes, shocking I know.  But let’s be honest, especially for the sake of those out there who have not yet become mothers, about what it really means to “sleep like a baby.”  Babies eat a lot and poop a lot, with digestive systems that still have to get the kinks out, and therefore wake up A LOT.  Sure when they are truly asleep they could probably sleep through the what not that occurred in films like “Deep Impact” and “Independence Day,” but at 1 to 3 hour stretches it leaves much to be desired.  Through A LOT of hard work and consistency babies can actually learn to sleep in a way that a sane adult might actually enjoy, but it takes time.  And that time cannot include things like illness, teething, learning to crawl/pull up/walk, or travel.  Personally, I think the phrase should be corrected to say something more to the effect of “sleeps like a teenager.”  12 to 13 hour stretches on the weekend with a wake-up time of around noon…um yes.  Yes please.

So that was my answer today, by the way.  I smiled at her, wiped the fresh spit up off my shoulder, and simply said, “Well, he sleeps like a baby.”  Years from now I will be threatening things like, “You cannot fly your hovercraft tonight with your friends if you don’t get your booty out of bed and beam yourself to school.”  Today, however, I am rejoicing in the small victories like right now when he is all swaddled up, belly full of milk (all still in his belly without the usual spit up eruptions), diaper at a comfortable fullness level, and cute little kissable cheeks resting soundly in his bassinet.  As Sara Groves sings in the song Fast Asleep,

“Nothing in this world is quite as sweet, as a tiny baby fast asleep.  I could watch you to the end of time, especially when that baby is mine.”

Nothing does compare to the beauty and sweetness of my baby boy sound asleep, dreaming.  I am reminded of how blessed I am that he is warm, well fed, safe, and here.  That he is breathing all on his own.  (someday I’ll post about our rocky start).  So many around the world care for babies just as sweet, just as beloved, and just as lovely without the means to provide for their basic needs.  Many others face empty bassinets and empty arms as they grieve for the little ones they have lost or never had.  My baby is no more valuable, no more treasured and no more deserving than any other one.  So I remain grateful, and pray that as he sleeps like the baby that he is, that I would remember how much we do have, even if sleep is lacking.