For the Archives

Just a few cute things the girls have said lately.  I don’t trust my brain these days so I am recording them before they evaporate.

1.  After lighting the Joy candle on our Advent wreath, we asked the girls what brings them joy.  Molé, while sitting in my lap, looked up at me and said, “Loving you.”  Could she be more delicious?

2.  The Doc and BQ were reading a book together when Molé came up and asked, “Will you dance with me?”  The Doc told her he would when he was done reading to which she replied, “But I want to dance with my prince.”  Has someone been studying “how to get whatever you want from your daddy” books?

3.  BQ, while trying to convince Molé to trade toys explained, “But Molé, I’m just trying to tantalize you.”

4.  BQ has been in love with her brother.  Sweet girl can’t get enough, though for his sake I put limitations on the love.  Anyway, the other night as she was praying before bed she said, “Dear God, thank you for my baby brother.  I just love him.  I don’t know what I’d do without him.  He’s just…I love him.”  And on, and on for about five minutes.  Cuteness.

Okay I’ll stop.  I’m sure this is ridiculously boring for you guys, so let’s just call this a post for me.  Alas, I have three children behind closed doors right now and better go seize whatever moments of rest I can!


3 thoughts on “For the Archives

  1. So, so cute. I agree, they say such funny and sweet things everyday. I don’t even have a newborn, but if I don’t write things down I forget it all! Such deliciousness. Your little man is adorable. Can’t wait to hear more sister-love stories.

    How is three, by the way?

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