Things I Find Annoying These Days…

What a bright and shiny title for a post, right?  I’m sure it is absolutely drawing you in to read the following.  Not.  But anyway, it’s what I’ve got, so it’s what I’ll share.

We all have our pet peeves, right?  Some are a bit more odd and most likely only known by those who live with us.  Others could elicit a big “amen” when shared as they are common to many.  The following list will most likely contain both.  It is not exhaustive and may give way more information about me than you ever desired.  That being said, you’ve been warned.  Now without further rambling, I give you some thoughts.

1.  The sun being down by 4 pm.  Especially when I know it will most likely go down even sooner in the following weeks.

2.  The sun not coming out AT ALL.

3.  My stove sparking, popping and having a small explosion party of its own before dying while I’m cooking dinner.

4.  Parents who do not keep their kids at home when they are sick, when they KNOW they are sick.

5.  Explaining why I will be having a c section with this baby and feeling judged, misunderstood, and criticized.

6.  Water dripping from the ceiling onto our glamorous ceiling tiles.  (luckily for this one and number 3, I rent).

7.  My obsession with eating honey crisp apples.  It is really out of control.  I ate three really huge ones yesterday and had to literally force myself not to start on number 4.

8.  My lack of energy.

9.  That my dear friends live far away.

10.  That it takes such a long time to make new friends in a new city.

11.  That our car, which is honestly entitled to have the problems it has had, is choosing to have them all within the four months after a big expensive move and before an expensive birth.

12.  My inability to do everything and be everything.

13.  Hearing the term “flu” used to describe a stomach virus.  The “stomach flu” does NOT exist.  There are stomach viruses that cause you to be in all sorts of misery with your head in the toilet, but the FLU is a completely different virus.  And no, a simple case of the sniffles is not the flu.  And no, you most likely won’t get it this year, but if you do you will no longer confuse it with vomiting.

14.  People who think that doctors are all corrupt, evil and self serving.  (maybe that one should be in bold).

15.  Vericose veins and edema.


Okay, the above list is a bit of a downer, huh.  I have realized after typing it that it did nothing to help adjust my attitude, which is a problem considering it is only 8:31 a.m. and we don’t have any plans for the very long day that stretches ahead.  I at least need to have my head in a good place.  So as a sort of “rebuttal” of sorts I am offering what I am thankful for in the midst of the annoying things.  Perhaps it will be therapeutic?

1.  Even if I live in a place that isn’t sunny and cheery, it is clean, safe, and has many members of The Doc’s family nearby.

2.  Without lots of sun, I don’t have to worry about spending lots of money on sunscreen.

3.  I rent and will most likely be getting a new stove.  Plus, I have a new excuse to get takeout.

4.  Hmm, this one is hard…still kind of annoyed.  Okay, how about the fact that at least they aren’t bringing around illnesses that will cause any long-term problems for my kids.  A cough and a sore throat aren’t the end of the world.

5.  Women are most likely just wanting to care for me and make sure that I am educated and empowered about my choices for birthing.

6.  Since this was supposed to have been fixed a month ago, it won’t cost my sweet landlord anything to have the guy come back out and fix it properly this time.

7.  They are apples!!!  Could be much, much worse.

8.  I have a good reason to be tired and don’t have to feel too much guilt about being mellow.

9.  I am blessed with things like texting, e-mail, facebook and phone calls that can make them feel close.

10.  Struggling to make new friends makes me realize just what a gift the ones that I have are!

11.  My goodness, we have a car!  Actually, we have two cars, so what the heck am I complaining about!!??

12.  This is probably a good thing, actually.  Being forced to say “no” and simplify is a gift.

13.  For a person who loves to talk as much as I do, this just gives me an opportunity to chat.

14.  This gives me a chance to hear about how they have been hurt or about their negative experiences and affirm them, while showing them that their are physicians like The Doc and The Original Doc (my dad) out there who rock.

15.  I have a husband who still thinks I’ve got it going on, even though my right leg made my OB gasp.


Hmm, I do feel better.  Have you made your annoying list today?  Do it, and then go back through to form your own rebuttals.  Amazing what some perspective can do to adjust the attitude.  Life is a gift and my goodness, I’m about to have a baby in a matter of weeks.  Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Things I Find Annoying These Days…

  1. ohhhh amy, let’s be friends! i don’t have your email address… but if you email me (haleyballast (at) gmail (dot) com i promise to set up a fun play date with all you wonderful girls in the near future! we hearty northwest folks have to band together in these (literally) dark days! 🙂

  2. Yep. #9. I miss you so much and actually get teary when I think about the fact that you’re about to have baby #3 when I only got to see your belly holding baby #2. Sigh… at least my in-laws live by ya so the chances of us seeing each other more often are dramatically better than Boston. Love you.

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