Mexican Shapes

Children are often an endless treasure trove of seemingly meaningless information.  Their sponge like capacity to retain facts, embarrassing acts of their parents (I mean, they don’t bring up the fact that I drove into the coffee hut and pulverized my side mirror EVERY time we drive by.  Which is at least once a day…), and the things they hear from friends on the playground is a bit astounding.  Often, they are not quite sure how to process all of this information and you end up with it being regurgitated back in random, surprisingly comical ways.

BQ has been enjoying an activity book that we got a couple of weeks ago.  It has a bunch of activities that go over things like numbers, patterns, spelling, problem solving and even some lesser known shapes.  The other day while searching for an octagon to color read, we came across a 10 sided shape.  Oh yes, the decagon.  (can I say I was super proud of myself for remembering what it was called.  Remember, words girl here not numbers and the like).  For whatever reason, this shape stuck with BQ and a couple of days later we had the following exchange.

BQ holding her most recent masterpiece as we head out the door, “Mommy, what shape do you think this is?” (she had cut along the outside of the paper).

“Hmm…I’m thinking it’s a heart,” I say with about a 50/50 chance that I’ve understood her vision.

“Well actually Mommy, it’s a shape they have in Mexico.  It’s called a Decagon Square,” BQ responds with certainty and surprise that I was not aware of the fact.

“Is that so, BQ.  Is that so,” I respond.

So next time you’re down south, perhaps you might want to check out this new shape phenomena that seems to be sweeping the nation among the 4 year old population.  Maybe, it will change your life.  🙂


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