Large and (Somewhat) in Charge

What to say after six weeks of silence?  As the face of Mickey and friends dance across the t.v. screen in front of me and the fact that this ever expanding rear is forced to share about half a couch cushion with the likes of dalmation, bunny bear, silky blanket and panda I am sure of two things.  One, I am definitely still with child.  Two, I am still somewhere fumbling along this journey of motherhood.

Oh the DELIGHTS of pregnancy.  You know, flaming esophagus, butt crack revealing pants, awkward grunting sounds while performing tasks like bending over to pick up rogue toys, 5 nightly trips to the bathroom, swollen legs, bulging veins, shirts that are just a tad too short to conceal the bounty of the belly, and a quickly shrinking wardrobe.  Ah yes, DELIGHTS.  I hit 35 weeks today and am attempting to dig in for another 4ish.  This babe likes to party, which is actually wonderfully reassuring, and has finally realized that there are places other than my rib cage to stick feet and limbs.  For that I am grateful.

Molé and BQ have been up to their usual shenanigans.  Some moments are endearing and others are other worldly maddening.  They continue to wonder if this baby is really coming.  When you have a mom who tells you the minute she sees a plus sign it makes it a tad bit harder to wait for the blessed event.  With each doctor’s appointment I get the same question, “Is the baby coming out TODAY!!!???”  Don’t I wish ladies, don’t I wish.

I continue to love my limited caffeine intake in the form of coffee (made even more guilt free by the gift cards received for my birthday last month.  YES!!) any pants that don’t require constant maintenance while being worn, and my husband who somehow manages to be cooler by the minute.  Things like Dancing With The Stars still confuse me (WHY do people watch that show?) and the fact that there will soon be a follow-up ice skating version…how I weep for our culture and where it is headed.  Nesting has been in full swing and I am trying hard to savor these final weeks as a family of four.  Hard to do when pregnancy feels like a chore and I am so eager to have this little one in my arms.

How is that?  It’s about all I have for now.  🙂  Hope life is good for all of you out in blogland.  Hopefully I can get my patootie in gear and make this blog worth visiting.  Thanks for your patience.  In the meantime, I find that laughing through the crazy moments where you would rather curse and kick is extremely helpful.


3 thoughts on “Large and (Somewhat) in Charge

  1. Love to hear how things are going! And I will DEFINITELY try to remember your advice to laugh rather than kick/curse during the Micah chaos today…

  2. Thinking of you and sending lots of love as you prepare for the arrival of numero tres. What a blessed baby to be coming into your sweet family. Hang in there! Lots of love from the Joyce Fam! xoxox

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