Pine Tree Perfume

Alas, it has been days since I have written.  Have there been a number of rambling things on my mind?  You betcha.  Has there been the energy to write them down in blog form?  Not so much.  But, just to give you something, I thought I would include this little nugget from BQ a couple days ago.

We had just parked the mini (yes, the swagger wagon), in the parking lot of Fred Meyer.  As it takes FOREVER for my children to get out of their seats and out of the car, professional dawdlers, there is usually some conversation or chatter that occurs.  This time I heard BQ’s voice from the backseat and ended up in the following conversation.

BQ  “Ooh Mommy, look at that beautiful Christmas tree.  It’s blue my favorite color.”

Me  “Where do you see it?”

BQ  “Over there in that car.  It’s hanging from the front mirror thingy.  Could we get one of those for our car?  It’s so beautiful.”

Me  “Maybe someday sweetie, maybe someday.”

Oh yes the joy and magic that a $.99 cardboard car air freshener can bring to a 4 1/2 year old.  And her favorite color to boot, that’s right.  But no ladies and gentlemen, I will not be subjecting my sweet ride to one of those anytime soon.  Somehow the addition of a nauseating floral or baked good smell to the regular aroma of the mini doesn’t seem like such a good idea.  Even if it is in the name of looking good.


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