Slow Learner

Me.  I am the one who cannot seem to remember why I don’t do certain things with my children until I am there, in the situation, repeating the offense.  After dragging the ladies to Target I decided to reward them with a fun lunch out.  Fun?  Maybe for them it was, but let’s just say I left with elevated blood pressure and the need to do some deep breathing exercises.  All ability to behave was gone.  It was absolutely unbearable and with a price tag of $15 not cool.  Once again, I’ve learned my lesson.

Oh and just as the tension and rage in my body was almost completely gone, I heard this gem from BQ after I asked her to carry a single bag into the house that contained one pair of cotton pants (for her).

“Fine I’ll carry it. Why do I have to do all the work around here?”

Um, what?  I believe there were three heavy bags in my hands plus a big thing of toilet paper.  But, whatever.  Of course then it hit me that this very comment may have escaped my lips during a weak moment of “woe is me” mommy desperation.  I can still take away a privilege though, right?  🙂

So next time I have the brilliant idea to take the girls for a little lunch date remind me that I might have more fun actually flushing $15 dollars down the toilet.  Maybe I’ll get it one of these days.


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