Some days I wonder about the following events of my life.  Are they innocent, bad luck, or simply the result of bad planning or perhaps part of a larger conspiracy to slowly make this momma go mad?  You be the judge.

1.  I decide that after weeks of running out of lunch meat prior to the week’s end, I will buy a full pound rather than a half.  The result?  Rancid ham in the icebox.  Hmm

2.  I pack small snacks along for an outing, since my kids have just wolfed down their breakfast, only to find that my children are famished and can no longer play/enjoy/do anything other than whine until they have been sufficiently fed again two minutes into the play date.  Hmm

3.  I pack sandwiches, small snacks, multiple beverages, fruit and even remember hand wipes for an outing and the girls wind up eating nothing.  And their hands remain pristine the entire time never requiring said hand wipes.  Hmm

4.  We decide to forego the sweatshirts because the weather outside appears to be delightfully warm and the girls say they are fine.  Little do we know that five seconds into the adventure all people under the age of 5 will suddenly be unable to function due to their shivers and whining about the cold.  All the while the sweatshirts sit in a pile by the front door back home.  Hmm

5.  I decide not to nap because I believe the girls are about to wake up and choose instead to do some dishes for what I think will be fifteen minutes or so.  Two hours later, I’m tired and bored and the children are still asleep.  Hmm

6.  On the flip side, I rush through the dishes and jump into bed thinking I will have at least an hour to snooze only to immediately hear the sound of little ladies awakening from their slumber.  Hmm

7.  When offered a particular food or beverage at home, the children respond with upturned noses and gagging sounds (okay maybe not the gagging sounds).  When same food is offered at cool friend’s house, it is gobbled up, praised and then asked of me, “why don’t we ever have this at home?”

There are many more, but I am too tired to list them right now.  What about you?  Are there some of these “random” events taking place in your mothering life?  I doubt I am alone.


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