Is More Merrier in the Middle?

The naming train is continuing to move on and by golly, I think we may have a winner.  For the first name, that is.  The middle name is down to two, which leads to my question.  Did you give your child two middle names?  If so, are you happy with that choice?  I know that many people have gone this route and am trying to figure out if that would be the best solution.  I’m just curious as to how that works on future documents and the like that ask for a middle initial.  Do you just pick one as the “go to” middle initial or middle name representative?  Hmm….

Can you tell The Doc has been working A LOT lately and I have a wee bit of extra time on my hands to obsess about things?  Oh good, I didn’t think so.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Is More Merrier in the Middle?

  1. As you well know, we only chose one middle name for our children. Our last name is a mouthful enough!

    My niece has two middle names. I’m not sure how her mom feels about it (haven’t asked) but I do’nt like it much. We’ve had a hard time explaining to her that her middle name isn’t “Marylily” but “Mary Lily”. She runs it all together. Plus, when they fill out paperwork, they have to choose one middle name anyway. Lily pretty much is never used.

    And when she’s in trouble that’s just one more name to try to get out. 😉

    It’s just a preference on my part, but I say to just go with one. You will probably have to pick for paperwork and the like anyway, so just pick now. You can tell me and I’ll help you. ha!

  2. We gave both of ours two middle names. It ended up that way because we were equally passionate about the two contenders for the middle spot. They’re still young that we haven’t encountered any problems yet. Any time we are asked for their middle name we just list both. On their birth certificates and passports both of the middle names appear as we have written them on the forms. If I was ever asked for a middle initial, which I haven’t been, I think I would just put down both intials and if the system cuts one off then so be it, no big deal. Any confusion on the child’s part will only last while they’re young and hopefully down the road they will be able to appreciate and understand your desire to give them two should you go that route. Have fun deciding!

  3. Our oldest has 2 middle names and our youngest has one. I like it both ways. The oldest has two because we were using family names and liked them both. We just write both names or both initials. I don’t think Anna will feel left out when she is older because she only has one who knows though! So glad you found a first name! We did it backwards with Anna! Had the middle name and needed a first!

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