Name Game

Oh the task of baby naming.  Bestowing a title upon such a small, pink, squishy person that will forever follow her every move.  Will it be the one that is massacred the first day of school?  Will a boy be assumed to be a girl on paper?  Will it require the child to raise her hand to clarify that while yes, that is her given name, she would rather go by Sally?  Will there be horrible unforseen nicknames and obscenities derived from what appeared to be a good and wholesome name?  These questions and more haunt the minds and hearts of us all as we scour name books, weigh the pros and cons and search for what will be the perfect name.  Oh, the joy.

And seriously, there is lots of joy.  We had a blast naming our girls and will definitely be thrilled when we get to reveal (or choose) a name for this sweet babe.  So far the girls’ names have fit my criteria for not top 100, not “weird” (whatever that means these days), not able to be shortened into nicknames that are ugly, and I have at no point in time wanted to change them.  I’m sure this third baby’s name will be no different, I’m just impatient.  I would have liked to have chosen the name yesterday.  And, to be honest, there is probably a little part of me that is waiting for a big clouds to part/angels to appear singing moment where The Doc and I look at each other just know that yes, THAT is the name.  Alas, I’m so impatient.  Good thing we have time.

How did you name your kids?  Any random stories?  I’d love to hear.


5 thoughts on “Name Game

  1. We went back and forth on our third child. The first two were SO easy and we knew it right away. Because we have two kids with 5-letter names that have a Y and can’t really be made into a nickname, I went with that criteria this time. I thought we had it picked out for this one a week before her birth when hubby came home and suggested another name. I thought on it. Going into surgery that morning, everyone was asking us what her name was. We said, “We’ll decide when we see her, but it’s narrowed to three.” Right after she came out, hubby brought her over to me and said, “Here she is? What’s her name?” And right then I knew… we welcomed Lilly Ann into our lives on Friday.

  2. We named our first son after a character on a TV show we’d been watching during the pregnancy. Six seasons on DVD in only three weeks will do that to you, I guess. Still love the name, but not excited to explain to him someday how we came up with it.
    Our second son we named something I’ve always loved but ended it with a “K”. We debated this because we know that he will go through the rest of his life saying, “Nope, not a “C” a “K” at the end” but we still love it so hopefully he’ll forgive us.
    Excited to find out your Baby #3 name when he arrives!

  3. I am krazy about names. It’s just about as fun as getting pregnant…sorta!!:) We always knew we’d name our first boy Logan and our first girl Lilee. We did. After we lost Logan we got pregnant pretty quickly. About a week after we found out we were pregnant we went to California for the 4th of July. I had a dream that we were having twin boys and we named them Keaton and Kai. I had NEVER heard the name Keaton as anything other than a surename and when I told Seth, he loved it! We had only ONE baby in there and his name became Keaton. With Broox, Seth wanted a boy name that had an “X” or “Z” in it because he thought it sounded “tough”! HA! So, I searched and searched. Nothing fit for us. I stumbled upon the name Brooks and LOVED the way it looked with an “X”! Although, we have failed in pretty much ALL of your criteria categories. They think Broox is a girl on paper, they pronounce his name wrong ALL THE TIME(our favorite was Bro-ax), Keaton’s nick name is “Keat-Beat”, people prounounce Lilee’s name LIE-lee. But, we love them and I hope they do too as they get older. All our middle names are family(Logan Karl-after Seth’s dad, Keaton Seth-obvious, Lilee Renee-my middle name, Broox Stephen-my dad and brother and grandpa). We already have names picked out for the next little one too…remember, I’m obnoxious about names!! I start to stress about it RIGHT after we find names for the babe we are pregnant with!! Strange, I know! Enjoy the process…I sure do!! Can’t wait to hear HIS(??) name!!

  4. Before we knew we were pregnant the second time around (I was actually already 7 weeks along – another story) my husband casually mentioned he heard a girl at the park named Kensley and that he liked that name. For me it was sort of one of those cloud parting moments. I knew that would be our next daughters name and got a picture of a little girl with brown curly hair (our oldest daughter has blonde straight hair). It turned out I was pregnant with a girl, and our Kensley has brown curly hair. 🙂

  5. I think naming would be so much easier if it was just me doing it. Consulting and agreeing with someone else is not easy! I would not say we had a cloud parting moment with Anna, but it was the first name in many months of considering that we both went “I could do that”. Now it would be strange if her name was anything else! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I hear Hotdog Hamburger is a good one! 🙂

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