Clot in the Act

Well, I have had an interesting day.   Okay, not that interesting perhaps, but not so much fun.  Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in the past I have been blessed with the gift of varicose veins.  It has been something I get to enjoy regularly, but even more so while pregnant.  Oh yes, with pregnancy comes the joy of support stockings, swollen legs, lots of crazy purple lines up and down my right leg, and gasps from unsuspecting strangers or friends who happen to see them unveiled.  They have gotten progressively worse with each pregnancy, resulting in me being ridiculously uncomfortable if I try to stand still for more than even 5 minutes.  Walking is totally fine, it is the standing that makes me almost lose my mind.  And now to add to the fun, I have started to get clots in my leg.  Awesome.

Yesterday when I got up from a pretty fabulous nap, I had sharp pain behind my knee.  Since I had a few minor clots with Molé I recognized it as most likely being another one.  Well, since we have super cool friends in town we went out and did some touristy stuff for a bit, which obviously resulted in standing in lines and walking.  Let’s just say by the time we got home I was hurting.  There was a nice red spot forming and The Doc confirmed that yes it did appear to be a clot.  Oh well I thought, no big thang.  That was until this morning when I woke up and could barely walk.  After calling The Doc it was decided that I should call my OB to see if I needed to go in.  That was a yes, so unfortunately I had to drive in for an appointment to make sure this was in fact just a superficial clot and not one of the unpleasant deep vein variety.

My sweet doctor, who I’ve seen only once by the way, had not yet experienced my veins in all of their swollen, purple glory.  She was a bit speechless and simply said, “So, ah, I think we’re going to need a scan here.”  I replied, “Didn’t expect them to be so bad, did you.”  Dr. McD honestly said, “Um, no.”  At any rate, I went over to the ultrasound place, not as cool when it is a leg instead of the belly, waiting for almost two hours and finally had the scan.  Thank God it was only superficial and not any threat to me or the baby.  I get to take a little aspirin, yes it still exists, and hopefully this thing will resolve soon.  Trying to find time to put my feet up these days is, well, almost impossible, but I’m certainly going to attempt.

Oh sweet pregnancy…

Good thing the end result is warm, cuddly, and cute because the process can often be hot, prickly and downright ugly.  Have you experienced random ailments while pregnant?  I assume it isn’t just me.  Here’s hoping this is the only clot daring enough to mess with my leg this pregnancy.  I’d rather save future ultrasounds for the viewing of my sweet babe rather than the cellulite and insides of my upper thigh.  Just saying.


One thought on “Clot in the Act

  1. OH, I am SO sorry sweet friend. I can’t imagine. You are such a trooper!!! I know you know what goes on with me, but maybe a little reminder will help? i don’t know. But here goes . . . I typically vomit for a majority of the first half of pregnancy at any given time of the day, some times so hard that it bursts blood vessels in my eyes. Then a few weeks of bliss before the oh so fun cholestasis decides to kick in. Nothin’ better than random toxins floatin’ around the ole bod make you itch like crazy from the inside out. Sooo, you are not alone in the pregnancy woes. But you are right. It’s all worth it in the end when you get to hold that precious little one for the first time. It’s amazing how quickly we forget the ailments . . . Love you.

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