Two Nights for Two

Okay so this is going to show you just how lame we are, but The Doc and I have yet to take a weekend away from the girls.  That’s right, in 4 1/2 years it has been hot nights at home with the ladies in the next room.  I could list a number of factors that have contributed to our lack of time away, but I won’t bore you with that.  The truth is our marriage is of utmost importance to us and we want so much to make time to strengthen our connection.  A friend just blogged about how “if our marriage isn’t well, nothing makes sense to me.”  I agree and in this season of change for us, with the addition of another family member looming, I want to get some time away that is just about us connecting.  I am ready.  The Doc is ready and before sweet baby number three arrives we are determined to make it happen.  We now live in a city with family, what a concept, that have offered to hang with the ladies so we can get some time away together.  And now that I’ve shared the plan with you so that you can keep me accountable/harass me/ask me about it from time to time, it must happen.

But my point, people, is that I would love some ideas!  I want to know what you and your man, or woman, have done to get away.  I’m going to be a nerd and list some guidelines, or things that I would either like it to include or limitations to what we can do.  And seriously, any thoughts would be awesome!

Here goes…

1.  We live on the west coast, so something out here

2.  Under about $250 total cost (this one could be tricky).  We are planning on driving so won’t need to buy airfare.

3.  Keep in mind I am in fact 20 weeks prego so wine tasting, or sleeping on a rock somewhere might not work out so well.

4.  A not so kid friendly activity.  No Disneyland please.

5.  A place we can be a bit unplugged so that we can talk, sit and be still together

6.  Skydiving is probably gonna be out on this one, but other fun activities that would be cool to try together

7.  Romantic locale?  Extra points for anything along those lines, especially if it involves a hot tub (and yes, I will only stay in 15 minutes as not to overcook the baby within).

8.  If rural, can we get to action easily?  Might be nice to catch a movie or have a fun meal.

9.  Coffee.  Must be good coffee or the ability to make good coffee.

Okay, now I’m derailing a bit, but you get the idea.  So bring it, I can’t wait to hear from you.  (and by that I mean please don’t have the comments be empty when I check back in a couple of hours :))


11 thoughts on “Two Nights for Two

  1. i hope you’re including me in the equation of getting away! let’s talk schedule soon. i’ll try to brainstorm some ideas.

  2. You could go south and visit the Oregon Coast, drive north to Canada and visit Vancouver, or go west out on the penninsula somewhere and stay at a B&B. The penninsula or the coast are probably pretty unplugged but Vancouver has more city life type activities. Honestly my husband and I haven’t had a night away either (my oldest is 3) so I don’t have specific places to recommend. 🙂 I have been thinking this place looks fun though:

  3. Vancouver is fun, but lodging is pricey, as well as the restaurants and such. Although im sure you could find cheap accommodations if you look hard enough. We went a few years ago and it was fun, but we had to stay 20 min away from downtown Vancouver– that’s all we could afford. It was definitely more of a “fun” getaway and less romantic. You only have two days though…
    I was recently talking to friends and they were raving about the Twisp/Winthrop areas. Quaint, small but very beautiful. I looked online and lodging doesn’t seem bad and I’m sure you could find cute restaurants and coffee shops. I think it’s like 3 hours from you. It made me curious to visit there…small towns always make me in the mood for romance. 🙂

  4. Also, places like Bainbridge, Port Angeles and Kingston are cute and charming, and close. I’ve only done day trips to these places though, so I don’t know about staying the night.

  5. Amy,
    When we went to a B&B last year for a couple of nights on a lake, it was fantastic. Mark has always been leary of B&B’s, but he loved it. I didn’t want to leave, we had so much fun.


    They totally fit all your criteria: romantic, driving distance (plus a ferry ride), ‘unplugged’ but still fun with lots of activities if you so desire. Jon and I went there for a “babymoon” before Dexter was born and it was perfect. We stayed at a little B&B a few miles outside Friday Harbor. It was so peaceful, but yet there was still plenty to keep us busy when we wanted to be out and about.

    Hope you guys have a great trip wherever you go!!

  7. I don’t know anything about the area, but I would definitely suggest a B&B. Breakfast is included, so that’s one less meal to worry about. And they are usually really nice to lounge around in.

    Have fun! 😉

  8. BwaHAHAHHAHA!! I guess I should have read the blog post before saying DISNEYLAND!! Hahahah!! I’m lame! Sorry! I DO love Disneyland though!! Where did you guys decide to go?? You will have fun regardless@!

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