He Loves Me

Through 13 years of ups and downs

Through job searches, school applications and years of training

Through long hair, short hair, and one shaved head

Through four states and six cities

Through teens, twenties and the start of our thirties

Through dreams and cancelled plans

Through unexpected (but happily welcomed) bright pink lines that showed up in a far away place

Through a right side up baby that changed our plans

Through sleepless nights and endless nights awake for the love of that baby

Through graduations and new beginnings

Through changing and aging bodies

Through nursing, pregnancy and childbirth glamour

Through my moods and drama

Through birthdays and anniversaries

Through labor and LOTS of pushing

Through sharing me with our two little girls

Through choosing his family over career

Through loving and cheering my choice to WORK at home with our family

Through a third new life that we can’t wait to meet

Through my high maintenance days

Through my need for snacks and good, strong coffee

Through my frequent wakings to go to the bathroom during the night

Through my super stylish now necessary support stockings and the veins they conceal

Through my insecurities and shortcomings

Through it all, time and time again

He loves me.

And for that I am forever grateful.

So to my Doc, on our 9th wedding anniversary (yesterday because I’m a slacker) I say right back at you.  Thank you for loving me through it all.


2 thoughts on “He Loves Me

  1. happy anniversary! …and WELCOME friends!!!

    email me – i’d love to do a playdate at a park near you guys or something!

    haleyballast (at) gmail (dot) com

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