A Word From BQ

Today through my lazy, sleepy mood I offer you this morsel of cuteness from the infamous BQ.  Enjoy.

(while eating her lunch)

BQ:  “Mommy, you’re perfect for me.”

Me:  “What sweetie?” (seriously, my hearing these days is mediocre at best)

BQ:  “Moooooom-mmmmmmmy (slightly annoyed at my deafness and for emphasis) you are perrrrrrrrrrrrrr-fect for me.”

Me:  “That sounds sweet honey.  What do you mean?”  (yes, I’m lame and want to know what exactly is churning behind the phrase inside her mind).

BQ:  “Well, you make me food and do things for me.  You take care of me.  You’re perfect for me.”

Me:  (a little misty)  “Thanks cutie.  You’re pretty perfect for me too.”

Love that girl!!


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