But oh, Those Summer Nights

The sun came out today and it was glorious.  Honestly, amazing.  I was so relieved because I was starting to get a bit annoyed of wearing fleece in July.  That was not a type-o btw.  We spent as much time as possible outside and ended the day with a stroll to the grocery store.  After putting the girls to bed at their usual time, I closed the door eager to get some stuff done and spend some time with The Doc.  Little did I know the escapades that would take place behind that closed door all due to this same sun that had brought me much joy all day long.

So this same sun, that I love, stays out until around 9:30 here which is probably wonderful if you are single or without children and can be out and about to enjoy it.  The problem for me though is that it tends to mess with the minds of my children.  Children who have been trained to go to sleep at bedtime, stay in their beds and room after we leave, and to generally obey the bedtime routine.  These children have been lured away from their beds by the tantalizing bits of sunlight that sneak into their room through the two layers of window treatments in their room.  And in a room where the only toys are books and some necklaces, have found ways to get into just about anything not nailed down at bedtime.  Things like pushing buttons on alarm clocks, unplugging the nighlight, and banging one’s feet on the closet doors are favorite pastimes.  All of this leaves this momma at a loss.  Tonight I had to resort to taking Mr. Bear for the first time.  Never heard of him?  Well, just picture that lovey or blankie that your child simply cannot sleep/live without.  The item that in case of a fire you would most likely reach for first, knowing that you could survive the loss of many a possession, but possibly not he loss of a precious lovey (especially when you don’t by two and rotate them from the get go rendering you completely stuck and dependent on that one ragged, chewed up, stuffing falling out of every orifice bear).  But I was fearless and desperate tonight and so he had to go.  And you know what?  She went to sleep.  No screaming, no ultimate freak out, no up for hours begging for Mr. Bear’s return.  Checkmate.  Unfortunately, I fear that if my Mr. Bear leverage has been lost, things might get ugly.  That Molé is one spicy meatball.  Or little girl.

Alas, bedtime is bedtime in our house.  You will not catch my children up at 10 pm watching movies or playing because they “are not tired.”  You don’t need Motherhood 101 to know that that is child talk for “hmm, what can I try so that I can avoid bedtime and party.”  I’m gonna stay tough, people, tough I tell you.  Mr. Bears, Lambies and Bunny Bears of the world be warned:  it could be the cold empty couch for you.  I don’t know what methods you might need to use, but feel free to be bold.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and your cozy bed spot is at stake.  (perhaps calling on the aid of stuffed animals is a bit too desperate?)

At any rate, I would really like to continue my love affair with Mr. Sun without our romance being tainted by the nightowls in the next room.  So if another battle ensues tomorrow night I will be ready.  Armed with the ability to take away privileges, remove stuffed animal friends, and some kick butt mommy skills that would make even the sassiest of toddlers stay glued under the covers.  Bring it on, Mr. Sun.  Bring the heat outside and make no mistake I will be bringing it on the inside.


2 thoughts on “But oh, Those Summer Nights

  1. Try Redi Shades that are black out or room darkening. http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?keyword=Redi+Shade&langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 You can buy them at any Home Depot and they’re only about $5. They peel and stick to the window for easy install and they do a great job at darkening a room. We have them in our master now since we have a lamp post right by the window and they do a great job at blacking out the light! For $5 or $10 it’s worth a try! Maybe 3 layers will do the trick! Good luck and stay strong!! At least the girls are adorable!!

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