And the Award for Lamest Blog Goes to…

Yep, right here.  Sorry to those of you who are still hanging in there with nothing new to read.  What can I say?  Between the move, unpacking and setting up the apartment, and helping two small ladies adjust I have been straight up exhausted.  Good thing my mom has been here for the chaos, as The Doc started work on Monday.  Without her I question whether or not my sanity would still be somewhat intact.

In other news,the girls have been ridiculously cute lately and have taken the bff concept to new levels that even a heart-shaped necklace, one side reading be fri and the other st end, could not touch.  Obnoxious an hour after bedtime when they are still giggling, yes, but so beyond cute that who could really be that mad, of course.  Love when they love each other.

My belly continues to grow and if I were able to get my tush in gear I would find a new doctor and figure out just who this little person is.  I have no intuition or “feelings” regarding boy or girl, though many around me say that they do.  Love it.  Maybe I should get a little pool going…or not.  Whatever, it’ll be awesome regardless.

Well, that is seriously all I have.  Here’s hoping I stop slacking and get this blog going again.  Until then, here’s hoping the little people in your house are more cute than cranky, your husband comes home early from work tonight, and that your weekend is filled with long, restful sleep.  Happy mothering!


One thought on “And the Award for Lamest Blog Goes to…

  1. Not lame, just busy. You moved across the country, girl! Love you and, yes, I’m one of those that’s patiently waiting for you to get your stinkin’ ultrasound done!

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