When Things Get Itchy…

You scratch them, right?  I mean in general, that is a natural instinct.  There are times of course when one must refrain such as during the chicken pox, various rashes, and even that nagging bug bite.  Or perhaps, when it might make others uncomfortable?  Molé had an itch today that evidently had to be scratched.  Unfortunately its location was, um, not exactly in a place that one would desire her young daughter to scratch in public.  But there we were at a very public venue set to watch a cute childrens’ play in the front row.  Since the play went on all around us, there were fellow play watchers directly across from us who had the unfortunate experience of seeing a lot more of Molé than they had desired.  Evidently to reach the itch, which by the way was actually on the upper thigh, dress had to be pulled up and panties yanked from side to side all within sight of the many patrons in the room.  (of course the play hadn’t started so the lights were nice and bright).  At any rate, definitely a moment where I shot some awkward smiles and glances to those around who most definitely had not planned on viewing anything x-rated that day.  I guess we really need to work on that “keep your dress down in public” concept.


One thought on “When Things Get Itchy…

  1. At Christmastime, I sent Maddie to church only in dress and undies b/c the previous week she had an accident in class, apparently because no one was available to help her pull down her tights and assist with other wardrobe functions. That week they had all the kids up front for a story. Maddie sat on the front, upper step, knees pointed toward the audience. It was a loooong story, way too long for an almost three year-old, and she eventually laid down, spread her legs, rolled from side to side, flashing the ENTIRE. CHURCH. her princess panties. The pastor’s daughter, no less. 🙂

    I learned my lesson. Pee in the pants is better than flashing.

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