Out of the Closet…

I’m back and this time I mean really back. Wonder why I’ve been the lamest blogger ever lately? Let’s just say it has a little something to do with the fact that I am once again…


That’s right, I am pregnant with baby number three and could not be more excited. The only problem is that since I am terrible at keeping secrets (my own that is, not yours) I had to hold myself back from the blog. It would have been far too tempting to rant and share all of my food aversions, fatigue and regular pregnancy thoughts. And so I did what most responsible pregnant people do and I waited until that blissful 11 weekish appointment where I walked in and heard a sweet swishing/swooshing/little heart beating sound. Bliss. That was yesterday and it was wonderful.

So there you have it. Baby number three, or “Tres” as we are now calling it, will be on the scene sometime around December 8th. We are planning on finding out the gender, we’ve done it both ways before, and I can’t wait. I’ve been enjoying things like carbs, um yes lots of carbs, and have recently discovered that a serving of Captain Crunch has 100% of one’s daily folic acid needs. Pregnant woman’s snack of choice? I think so. I will try not to have the blog sway too heavily toward the pregnant world in the next months, but be prepared for the occasional sharing about my growing belly.

There you have it. I’m off to eat a baked potato.


3 thoughts on “Out of the Closet…

  1. Congratulations! So excited that you guys are doing well and ready to tell everyone. Can’t wait to hear more about the pregnancy and such…I am going to need to start learning about those things soon!

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