Whining, Wedgies and Worries

To say that I have been inconsistent in blogging lately would be an understatement. Things have been a bit crazy, and someday soon I promise I’ll fill you in. Lately though, my life seems to be full of a certain W trifecta that involves whining, wedgies and worries. Let me explain.

I have children and therefore I live with whining. I wish I could say I have figured out the magical solution to completely eradicate it from our home, but I have not. (btw if you have, kindly leave me a comment with the ingredients for the magical potion. I will be brewing it stat). One of my children struggles a bit more with using her voice in a tone that doesn’t make a grown woman’s blood pressure rise upon impact. She is very obedient and bright, but goodness the girl knows how to whine. Banana falls out of the peel, whining, clothing feels uncomfortable, whining, Mommy takes away a privilege because she didn’t listen, oh get ready for some whining!! Good thing that when she uses her voice to do other things I am filled with laughter, joy, thankfulness, and sanity. But honestly, I am living in close quarters with an unwanted guest named whining.

And wedgies. Yes, a word my children learned soon after moving from diapers to underwear. Why you ask? Mostly because I grew tired of hearing them use the term “owie” for everything and this helped me to know whether we were dealing with an actual wound or simply some pesky article of clothing. (hence why my two year old will say “un-bumf-tah-bull” translated “uncomfortable.”) Well, the other child of mine has been having some serious underwear malfunctions lately. It does not seem to matter the cut, brand, or style, she is wedgie prone! For some reason, she thinks that when the wedgie begins, she should pull her pants UP instead of DOWN, which only exacerbates said wedgie. It’s a bit of a disaster. When pulling up doesn’t work, her frustration takes over and she simply disrobes from the waist down. Not a problem at home, but at Target near the Icee machine with two older men walking by…not so much. Though her tush is definitely in the top 1% cutest on earth, it is not meant to be shared with the masses. And so I live with the word wedgie these days.

Finally, worries. That one is unfortunately mine. Complete waste of time to be honest and yet I still do it from time to time. Take yesterday when we found out the house we thought we would be renting out west is a no go. There were tears and frustration for sure. And yet, deep down I know that God does not make mistakes and that whenever I think something is the end of the world, something much better happens. Remember that middle school crush and how you thought you might die if you didn’t marry him someday? Yikes, what if that really happened!? That house was not perfect by any means and I can see that now. It just goes back to the struggle of letting go of the many unknowns in this world. Deep breaths and lots of prayer. Lots of prayer and faith that God is who He says He is. He is faithful and a giver of peace.

Maybe I could trade my “w” words for some “p” ones instead. Perhaps patience instead of whining, so that I can love my sweet girl and be a better listener myself during those times when she is upset. And, uh…perspective instead of wedgies, (it’s a stretch) so that I can realize these underwear malfunctions are in fact hilarious and will stop as soon as she becomes aware that it isn’t cool to proclaim one’s wedgie. And peace instead of worry, because dang it God promised to give us a peace that is beyond any sort of reason or logic and that is a heck of a lot better than anxiety.

Patience, perspective and peace…much better.


4 thoughts on “Whining, Wedgies and Worries

  1. And “poo” don’t forget poo. You can never get away from poo.

    Bummer about the house. I know something good will definitely come through for you. Philipians 4:6-9

  2. I laughed out loud at the wedgie part. Hilarious. I am with you on the whining, it gets old. Addy says to me all day long, “but I rrreeeeaaaallllyyyyy want…”. Sorry about the house, totally stressful!!

  3. I was having a bad day a few weeks ago and finally decided I needed to spend some time in prayer. So I diligently started to pray, except that my thoughts immediately went to listing all the good things I do for my children and wondering why can’t they just appreciate it and be thankful. Then I heard God laugh at me. What a fool I am. God could say the exact same thing about me. It was a revelation!

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