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Kid Skills

Have you ever noticed that your children have some skills that border on genius? I mean seriously, how do they learn how to do these things so well in such a short amount of time? In order to not forget these amazing accomplishments I am recording them for all the world to see. Feel free to give a shout out if your child is just as cool, because I’m sure mine aren’t alone.


1. Kids are amazing at finding really gross things in public to touch and at times eat. This skill can be seen in all its glory in your local public restroom. I mean, wow.

2. Nose picking. If there is something in there, they will find it. If not they will look anyway.

3. High pitched sounds. I mean, there are times when I believe my children can communicate with all the animals of the world as they omit ear-piercing screeches to the heavens.

4. Being cute. Let’s face it, no matter what I do to my hair or what I wear I can’t even come close. They master this wearing nothing but dirt and they make it look so easy.

5. Dawdling. Do you have only 15 minutes to get out the door? They can make that 30, maybe even 45 if there is a wardrobe malfunction or a shoe that simply must be put on “BY MYSELF” even though it involves lots of straps.

6. Being edibly kissable. Those cheeks, the squishy arms, that succulent belly. Wow. When the first adjectives that come to one’s mind to describe a child usually pertain to food now that is a skill to be recognized.

7. Managing to get food into crevices and parts of their bodies you never thought possible. When you’re tucking that sweet babe into bed you notice something behind her ear. What was that? Oh yes, a bit of sweet potato from three nights ago. Amazing.

8. They are hilarious! From their misinterpretation of song lyrics, (Mommy what does, “RED everything BLACK God made” mean? Oh sweetie, do you mean, “LET everything THAT God made…”) wardrobe choice, funny phrases or simply the cuteness of their little voices. I find myself in a constant set of hysterics around these little ladies.

9. Public meltdowns. You name the place, the time, the date and chances are a small child has graced that floor or public venue with a writhing, kicking and screaming little body in full-on tantrum mode. Whenever I see one going on, that it when it doesn’t happen to be a child of mine, I always say a little prayer for that momma. A mean, it can be hard to raise a gifted child, right?

10. Making even the most mundane an adventure. Simply going to the store only to realize the bathroom is closed and your two-year old is about to wet her pants and you completely forgot the change of clothes? Yep. Driving somewhere and halfway into the trip you hear “I don’t feel so well” followed by vomiting? You know it. Walking to the post office and hearing, “Mom, the dandelions are so beautiful. Did you see that bird?” Love it.

Just a short list, but some of the things that my kids do so, so well. How about yours? What fantastic tricks are they up to these days? I’d love to know.


Big Girl Beds, Bug Bites, and Puddles on the Ground

There have been a lot of changes happening around here lately. Some have been great, others have made me nauseous, and others I’m hoping will go back to their old ways soon. With the first child, everything is new and you arrive at each stage and every milestone clueless, so I had thought that with the second I would see the change coming, recognize it like a pro, and respond accordingly. How wrong was I!? There is some bad, bad thing that goes on in a mom’s brain between the time one child finishes a stage and the other one begins the exact same thing. Somewhere, someone thought it would be fun to hit the “delete” button. All of those precious tips, wisdom, and problem solving strategies are lost and unless you were one of those brilliant moms who kept a journal you are searching in vain for files long ago deleted and replaced by information regarding the season finale of your newest guilty pleasure. What a shame.

We switched Molé to a toddler bed a couple of weeks ago after finding one at our neighbor’s yard sale for super cheap. She was excited, we were excited and the first night was great. (note it did help that I waited until she was almost drooling with exhaustion to put her to bed). Napping has been great, actually overall better than night-time, and I’m fairly happy with the transition. But, I had completely forgotten that for a child who has been sleeping in a nice rectangular, enclosed space her entire life it is a bit hard to start sleeping with one’s head place gingerly on a pillow, in the same direction for the duration of the night. Poor Molé has been really struggling with getting comfortable come the middle of the night. I will usually hear some sort of bang/pow/crash phenomena going on followed by crying. I then have to go into her room and reposition the half asleep little person. She drifts back off to sleep fine, but unfortunately an hour or so later we are back at it again. The bedrails for some reason seem to do little other than act as a weapon of hard wood against an unsuspecting little moving head and fail to contain the 22 pound person left in their care. Good thing the bed isn’t even a foot off the ground, because with all of the out of bed crashing there would definitely have been some broken bones.

Ok, so hold that thought about the big girl bed and I will tell you about the other change. Goodbye pull-ups! That’s right, we are dry at night. Even though I day trained my girls at 20 months, I did not pursue night training at that time. My pediatrician had said to wait until BQ had about week’s worth of dry nights before attempting and to be honest up until lately she was wet 90% of the time. Molé was different in that she has been batting about 50% since day training. Since I struggled with bed wetting as a child I did not want to force or guilt BQ into staying dry. My parents were amazing with me and were intelligent enough to know that no second grader enjoys waking up in her own urine or is doing it on purpose. I cannot remember a single time that my mom made a negative comment as she washed my sheets yet again. They did all they could to encourage and help me (middle of the night wake-ups, a device I wore that attached to the front of my underwear with a sensor that had a beeper velcroed to my shoulder that would say “bbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” if wet, and even a nasal spray later on so that I could do things like go to camp, even though I would stop drinking fluids after lunch when at a sleepover or camp). Growing up wetting the bed was awful and embarrassing and one of my fears is that the girls will inherit my bedwetting struggle. Luckily, it seems like they are not going to deal with this obnoxious problem and I am so relieved. Enough about me, back to the girls.

We moved from wet pull-ups, to dry pull-ups, to big girl panties in a week and it has been great. Each girl has had one accident, hence the puddle on the ground. BQ had a normal accident, in her bed after her mother had left a full cup of water by her bed and she downed it in the middle of the night, in her bed. Molé on the other hand, was a bit more creative. Last night I forgot to have her go to the bathroom before bed, I know really bright, and at about 1:30 a.m. I heard her yelling “wet, wet.” I walked in and as I got closer to her bed felt a splash of liquid under foot. She was standing on the ground, leaning onto her bed with her upper body trying to sleep. I’m not exactly sure of the logistics of the accident, but honestly was quite grateful that it happened on our easy to clean up flooring rather than her bed. Her pants and underwear needed to be changed, but her bed was as fresh as it had been the day before when I put on the fresh sheets. (they always have the accident the day of or after you have changed the sheets). I was grateful for the ease of clean-up but am still puzzled by the how and why it happened that way.

Finally the bug bite. Both The Doc and I react horribly to bug bites. They always find us, bite us, and we are covered with miserable welts. Poor BQ has the same problem and yet she is far more delicious and therefore suffers even more. Last night she was dealing with a doozy. It was about the size of a silver dollar on her upper thigh. I was summoned to the room on FOUR separate occasions to apply cream, and ultimately a dose of Benadryl. Poor babe. Even though I was in a sleep stupor and annoyed that I had been up every hour between the wetting, bed moving and falling, and bug bite, I really couldn’t blame her for not being able to sleep with a pulsating red bump on her thigh.

So you’d think I would have remembered to apply bug spray to BQ the minute the weather changed since this happens every single summer since her birth, or to help transition Molé to the big girl bed by doing a little pillow and sheet practice in the crib, right? Or possibly I would have given BQ the Benadryl on the first trip to her room rather than the fourth. Um no, of course not. I’ve been journaling my pregnancy this time around because one day when the girls are pregnant and have questions I want to do something more than stare back blankly. Or when a friend with a younger child asks what I did at such and such a stage it would be nice to say something wise or even witty rather than the blank stares and shoulder shrugs again. Do you forget everything too? There are about a million examples I can give but I will spare you the boring details. Let’s just hope that when it comes time for number 3 to have a big bed, suffer a bug bite, or make a puddle on the ground I’ll be prepared or at least recall that yes, I have done this before. Until then, I apologize for responding to your questions as if I have never seen a child in my life.

Out of the Closet…

I’m back and this time I mean really back. Wonder why I’ve been the lamest blogger ever lately? Let’s just say it has a little something to do with the fact that I am once again…


That’s right, I am pregnant with baby number three and could not be more excited. The only problem is that since I am terrible at keeping secrets (my own that is, not yours) I had to hold myself back from the blog. It would have been far too tempting to rant and share all of my food aversions, fatigue and regular pregnancy thoughts. And so I did what most responsible pregnant people do and I waited until that blissful 11 weekish appointment where I walked in and heard a sweet swishing/swooshing/little heart beating sound. Bliss. That was yesterday and it was wonderful.

So there you have it. Baby number three, or “Tres” as we are now calling it, will be on the scene sometime around December 8th. We are planning on finding out the gender, we’ve done it both ways before, and I can’t wait. I’ve been enjoying things like carbs, um yes lots of carbs, and have recently discovered that a serving of Captain Crunch has 100% of one’s daily folic acid needs. Pregnant woman’s snack of choice? I think so. I will try not to have the blog sway too heavily toward the pregnant world in the next months, but be prepared for the occasional sharing about my growing belly.

There you have it. I’m off to eat a baked potato.

Whining, Wedgies and Worries

To say that I have been inconsistent in blogging lately would be an understatement. Things have been a bit crazy, and someday soon I promise I’ll fill you in. Lately though, my life seems to be full of a certain W trifecta that involves whining, wedgies and worries. Let me explain.

I have children and therefore I live with whining. I wish I could say I have figured out the magical solution to completely eradicate it from our home, but I have not. (btw if you have, kindly leave me a comment with the ingredients for the magical potion. I will be brewing it stat). One of my children struggles a bit more with using her voice in a tone that doesn’t make a grown woman’s blood pressure rise upon impact. She is very obedient and bright, but goodness the girl knows how to whine. Banana falls out of the peel, whining, clothing feels uncomfortable, whining, Mommy takes away a privilege because she didn’t listen, oh get ready for some whining!! Good thing that when she uses her voice to do other things I am filled with laughter, joy, thankfulness, and sanity. But honestly, I am living in close quarters with an unwanted guest named whining.

And wedgies. Yes, a word my children learned soon after moving from diapers to underwear. Why you ask? Mostly because I grew tired of hearing them use the term “owie” for everything and this helped me to know whether we were dealing with an actual wound or simply some pesky article of clothing. (hence why my two year old will say “un-bumf-tah-bull” translated “uncomfortable.”) Well, the other child of mine has been having some serious underwear malfunctions lately. It does not seem to matter the cut, brand, or style, she is wedgie prone! For some reason, she thinks that when the wedgie begins, she should pull her pants UP instead of DOWN, which only exacerbates said wedgie. It’s a bit of a disaster. When pulling up doesn’t work, her frustration takes over and she simply disrobes from the waist down. Not a problem at home, but at Target near the Icee machine with two older men walking by…not so much. Though her tush is definitely in the top 1% cutest on earth, it is not meant to be shared with the masses. And so I live with the word wedgie these days.

Finally, worries. That one is unfortunately mine. Complete waste of time to be honest and yet I still do it from time to time. Take yesterday when we found out the house we thought we would be renting out west is a no go. There were tears and frustration for sure. And yet, deep down I know that God does not make mistakes and that whenever I think something is the end of the world, something much better happens. Remember that middle school crush and how you thought you might die if you didn’t marry him someday? Yikes, what if that really happened!? That house was not perfect by any means and I can see that now. It just goes back to the struggle of letting go of the many unknowns in this world. Deep breaths and lots of prayer. Lots of prayer and faith that God is who He says He is. He is faithful and a giver of peace.

Maybe I could trade my “w” words for some “p” ones instead. Perhaps patience instead of whining, so that I can love my sweet girl and be a better listener myself during those times when she is upset. And, uh…perspective instead of wedgies, (it’s a stretch) so that I can realize these underwear malfunctions are in fact hilarious and will stop as soon as she becomes aware that it isn’t cool to proclaim one’s wedgie. And peace instead of worry, because dang it God promised to give us a peace that is beyond any sort of reason or logic and that is a heck of a lot better than anxiety.

Patience, perspective and peace…much better.