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If These Toys Could Talk…

They would evidently say things like this…

BQ and her puzzle pieces from an Africa puzzle

“Zimbabwe, come back!!!”

“How are you?” (from one puzzle piece to another)

Molé and her princess figurines talking to each other

“Hello. How are you?” (insert two-year old voice narrating the conversation)

“Where’s Jasmine? In the castle? Let’s look!”

Take my word, in person, ridiculously cute.


A Message for YOU, Mr. Sun

Dear Mr. Sunshine.

First of all, let me start by telling you just how much I appreciate you. Not only do you bring warmth to the earth, but your sweet rays of golden goodness seem to be able to turn just about any frown upside down. Your face is the one that I long to see each morning. With your warmth and light comes the chance for small children to cast off coats and other uncomfortable layers of clothing to run freely in a mere shirt and shorts. Oh the freedom you bring sweet big ball of heat. The flowers grow, the snow fades, spring and summer are your fortes, and we would all pretty much be lost without you. And so I say job well done, my friend.

With that said, I do have a slight bone to pick with you. Lately, I have noticed that you have been working overtime. Maybe it’s your excitement at being back in the game after a long winter, or perhaps your eagerness to shower us with sunshine. Whatever the reason, I’m going to give you the permission to tone it down. Take a load off. If you start to feel the urge to come up around 5 a.m., just go back to sleep or give another part of the world just a bit more sunshine. Ooh, you could even find those wintry places on earth and give them a sunny treat surprise! And in the evening, I know you’re tired, so feel free to head to bed at 7:30. No need to shine on way past 8. It isn’t that I don’t like having you around, it’s just that my children also seem to enjoy your presence. So much so that the minute they catch a glimpse of your sunny rays peaking through the teeny tiny gap between the blinds and the window each morning they shoot up in bed ready for the day. And in the evening when I tuck them in bed and turn off the light but the room doesn’t get dark, they seem to think this is an invitation to have a little party. Again it is all out of love for you, but have you heard that you actually can have too much of a good thing?

In closing, let me again say that I by no means want to make you feel unwanted or cause you to hide yourself away. We want you. We need you. Let’s just keep it between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. ish.

Yours Truly,


Catching Up

Whew. I just spent the past four-ish days enjoying the company of a dear friend from college. I hadn’t seen her in over four years, which meant she hadn’t yet met the girls and I hadn’t met her sweet (beyond sweet) almost two-year old little man. The kids played really well together and we were able to have time to sit around and catch up which was a treasure. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if our third musketeer, the famous Captain Haus, could have been there.

In order to not completely bore all of you with mundane trip details I bring you a top ten list of why the trip was a little bit of this, a little bit of that, with a light layer of fabulous friendship on the top.

10. It is still possible to enjoy oneself on a four day trip when 3 out of the 4 days one of your children has a temperature of 102 degrees (armpit style).

9. Dairy Queen, people, Dairy Queen.

8. Watching your big girl love on one of your closet friend’s sweet boy is a gift.

7. Meeting, playing with and loving on your friend’s child is awesome.

6. Sharing stories that pertain to bodily function and loss of control into the wee hours of the night while laughing hysterically is good for the soul.

5. Being with someone who knows me well and loves me still is rare and wonderful.

4. Having a child say she needs to “make a waterfall” while you are cruising down the freeway can cause you to panic, pull the car over, take out the mini white potty from the trunk, and assume that she is in fact telling the truth. When the panic subsides and small child simply sits on the potty without even releasing a drop, you realize that she has in fact worked you and any panic or fear of a wet carseat turns into, um, a bit of frustration.

3. Is it possible to lose a small child’s shoe somewhere in the car on the way home? Yes. Is it a gift from God when you check the trash for your camera and end up finding the shoe in there just before it goes out to the big grey can outside? Double yes. (especially when you then remember you had already put the camera away in the drawer where it belongs).

2. Real friends don’t care how often you call or write. They are the ones where years pass and yet when you are together you pick up right where you left off. And they are rare. I am grateful to have some (You know who you are. I hope. Maybe a Hallmark card would suffice to express this point?)

1. (don’t even care if you think it’s cheesy) No matter how much fun I have with friends or family, there is simply nothing on earth that compares to being with The Doc. I am grateful that in four days I miss him. Any experience is richer, better and more fun when he is there.

So there you have it. Nothing Epic, nothing earth shattering, but a top ten list all the same. Good luck in your travels! Remember to thoroughly check the trash.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

That’s right us. Well, not that kind of short shorts, but my goodness people today we are wearing shorts! This is quite a big event when you live in the arctic world of the Northeast. Overnight on-street parking has resumed, making way for our garage to be filled with balls, shovels, strollers, bikes, and any other form of outdoor play gadgets. Did I mention the water table? If you don’t have one of these and you have toddlers or preschoolers it is a must! We are blessed to have a yard right now, but I’m not sure whether or not that will be the case in June when we move. We are savoring it all right now.

Speaking of the water table, as the girls were playing with it yesterday, Molé completely drenched herself. And, being in her current nudist phase, she decided to promptly remove her pants. Before I could get over to help her she wiped out mid pull down, landing her cute little tush in a pile of dirt. The result? Both cheeks were encrusted with a fine layer of mud. Oh the cuteness. But maybe this early lesson in the perils of outdoor nudity will serve us well during the summer.

I hope that wherever you are it’s sunny. Put on some shorts! Soak it in. The Doc is off work today for the first time in two weeks and we are going to spend every possible second outdoors enjoying some family time. I’m struck by the incredible example of new life that is all around us as we look to tomorrow and a celebration of the greatest gift of new life ever known. If I don’t make it back on here then, let me say a very Happy Easter to all of you. I’m so grateful it didn’t end on Friday, aren’t you?