Today was one of those days when I felt blessed. Do I take my children for granted? Yes. Do I take my husband for granted? Yes. Do I take the fact that I have a car, a great apartment, and a fridge full of food for granted? Yes, yes, and the list could go on. Even on a day where napping was a disaster I could not help but feel encouraged by the blessings of my life in the form of two sweet little girls. I don’t want to forget these moments so I am writing them down here in blogland. Just some thoughts, passing and random, but reason enough to cause me to smile from my tippy toes up to the top of my head. I am blessed indeed.

Every morning I hear the voices of our girls as they wake up and greet one another. Since Molé is in a crib, BQ runs the show. She gets on her clean undies, often gets dressed, and then opens the door at 7 to come out. I greet her with milk for her and her sister, which she grabs and wants to take to her by herself. When I find Molé she has a new pair of undies in her crib, selected by her sister and matching of course, and the outfit that BQ has picked for her neatly spread out on the bed. Too cute. I wonder how long Molé will allow her sister to make her wardrobe choices? Regardless, it is a delight to wake up to!

The girls creating a pool in their room with every blanket and pillow not nailed down in the house. Oh the giggles.

Many times lately when I go into the girls’ room to check on them or attempt to join in their play I am told by BQ, “Mommy, we’re okay in here. Can you please go back out there?” You’d think this would hurt my feelings, but it does the opposite. What a gift to have my girls take such joy in playing together?! It’s awesome.

Princess dresses and breaking in summer sandals inside on a rainy day.

Playing with the “worms” in their noodle soup.

Good friends who get almost as excited as you do when great things happen in life.

Molé saying, “Thank you (“chain choo” in Molé speak) for make food, Mommy,” each time I put her meal in front of her lately. Hope that never stops!

The girls spontaneously telling each other “I love you.”

Seeing the girls reunite when we pick up BQ from school. It’s only 3 hours, but you would think they had been apart for weeks.

The gift of sisterhood. Not having a sister myself, it is such a treat to watch my girls enjoy this amazing relationship. I hope they love and care for each other as well as they do now when they are in their 60’s.

My dear husband who comes home to a wife in sweats, matted hair, and random meals and still manages to love me so, so well.

Easter. New life, a new chance, and an explosion of grace. Um, yes please!

So there is a short list. I hope you’ll make one too. Even if you’re having a really bad day, if you look for those small blessings along the way you will find them. I can’t believe I get to be a mom to these girls- what a freakin’ amazing gift.


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