Alive and Kicking

Once again I leave without a trace.  No note, no news, just absence.  And so again I apologize.  What’s my excuse this time?  Well, I went here (and by here I mean to the place pictured at right). That’s right, the Magic Kingdom. And by Magic Kingdom I mean the East Coast version of Disneyland. The Doc and I met up with my family in Orlando for a week of Disney what not. Who knew there was so much to do and so many ways to market a certain famous mouse? You want thematic napkins, no problem. Apparel or other home decor, we got that too. And what about food, ehh? That’s right, you can even eat stuff that looks or smells just like your favorite character. Of course, all anyone really wants is a hat with ears, right?

Anyway, it was great and I am so glad that we went. With extra hands. Molé of course chose that week to cut two molars so basically lived on ibuprofen. I would see her attempting to fit her entire hand into her mouth, fussy as all get out and wonder, “Well what is her problem?” Oh right, it’s been 5 hours and 59 minutes since her last dose. Isn’t that incredible? And yet why do I stare at her as if I have no idea why she is upset? Luckily, they did poke through the last day of our trip and she was back to her old self. Unfortunately for us, it was a very rainy day Friday so we didn’t get to have quite the “magical” experience we were promised. We arrived home on Saturday and accidentally brought the rain with us, which has proven to be a huge mistake as it has not stopped since we arrived. Seriously, NOT STOPPED. Best part? We now have about an inch of water in the basement swirling around our beloved “treasures” (um JUNK) without any signs of drying up soon. I know this is common in older houses, but seriously, water in the basement collecting, sitting, and stagnating…how is that possibly good? Not a bad time to be renting.

Okay so, in my post vacation la la land state, I completely forgot to tell you about the excitement that will be happening right here in blog land! I will be doing my first “giveaway” this week. Are you pumped or what? Free stuff, for you! Well maybe, if you’re cool enough to win of course. Here is the website for Shabby Apple if you want to peruse beforehand. Cute stuff, right!? I’ll post details this week so keep your eye out!

That’s all I got for now.


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