A Free Ride

Um, can I just tell you what happened to us today?  After picking up BQ from school, she promptly asked if we could go to eat at a restaurant.  One thing you should know about me is that there are not many things I love more than eating out.  Unfortunately, we do not have a money tree out back so it is a luxury that we savor on rare occasions these days.  Nonetheless, we decided to take BQ’s suggestion and go with it.  She picked a place nearby and we had a good meal.  As we were finishing up, our waitress came to our table and informed us that our check had been paid.  Not only that, but she told us who had picked it up.  Earlier during the meal, BQ had been waving at a gentleman at the table behind us.  Nothing obnoxious, and he actually smiled back.  Turns out, he happens to be a really nice guy who decided to pay our bill.  Are you kidding me??!!  I didn’t know that actually happened anymore, but wow am I grateful.  Obviously we immediately got up and went over to say thank you.  Oddly enough, we had lots in common and ended up exchanging contact information.  At any rate, it was awesome and I could not help but thank God for that sweet, unexpected gift.  Hope you had a day with free stuff too!


3 thoughts on “A Free Ride

  1. LOVE it!! That happened to us last week and it was the most amazing feeling. It’s SO great to know that there are truly nice people still out in the world today. So glad you had the opportunity to experience it too.

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