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Today was one of those days when I felt blessed. Do I take my children for granted? Yes. Do I take my husband for granted? Yes. Do I take the fact that I have a car, a great apartment, and a fridge full of food for granted? Yes, yes, and the list could go on. Even on a day where napping was a disaster I could not help but feel encouraged by the blessings of my life in the form of two sweet little girls. I don’t want to forget these moments so I am writing them down here in blogland. Just some thoughts, passing and random, but reason enough to cause me to smile from my tippy toes up to the top of my head. I am blessed indeed.

Every morning I hear the voices of our girls as they wake up and greet one another. Since Molé is in a crib, BQ runs the show. She gets on her clean undies, often gets dressed, and then opens the door at 7 to come out. I greet her with milk for her and her sister, which she grabs and wants to take to her by herself. When I find Molé she has a new pair of undies in her crib, selected by her sister and matching of course, and the outfit that BQ has picked for her neatly spread out on the bed. Too cute. I wonder how long Molé will allow her sister to make her wardrobe choices? Regardless, it is a delight to wake up to!

The girls creating a pool in their room with every blanket and pillow not nailed down in the house. Oh the giggles.

Many times lately when I go into the girls’ room to check on them or attempt to join in their play I am told by BQ, “Mommy, we’re okay in here. Can you please go back out there?” You’d think this would hurt my feelings, but it does the opposite. What a gift to have my girls take such joy in playing together?! It’s awesome.

Princess dresses and breaking in summer sandals inside on a rainy day.

Playing with the “worms” in their noodle soup.

Good friends who get almost as excited as you do when great things happen in life.

Molé saying, “Thank you (“chain choo” in Molé speak) for make food, Mommy,” each time I put her meal in front of her lately. Hope that never stops!

The girls spontaneously telling each other “I love you.”

Seeing the girls reunite when we pick up BQ from school. It’s only 3 hours, but you would think they had been apart for weeks.

The gift of sisterhood. Not having a sister myself, it is such a treat to watch my girls enjoy this amazing relationship. I hope they love and care for each other as well as they do now when they are in their 60’s.

My dear husband who comes home to a wife in sweats, matted hair, and random meals and still manages to love me so, so well.

Easter. New life, a new chance, and an explosion of grace. Um, yes please!

So there is a short list. I hope you’ll make one too. Even if you’re having a really bad day, if you look for those small blessings along the way you will find them. I can’t believe I get to be a mom to these girls- what a freakin’ amazing gift.


Deep Thoughts With Molé

(a small child and her mother are snuggling tenderly on the couch).

Molé: (while performing the act) I pick my nosey

Mommy: That’s gross

Molé: I eat it

Tender moment? I think so.

Obsess Much?

So, our move is now only about 2 1/2 months away. Um, what?! I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. Now begins the task of finding an apartment in our new city. I am feeling a mix of excitement/fear/hope/dread about the process. We are extremely fortunate to have family in town who have offered to help as we are not able to look for housing in person. Craigslist is my new bff. The only problem is that for renters, such as our family, 2 1/2 months out is actually a bit too early to find a place. That does not sit well with this girl who does not enjoy living in unknowns.

I would never call myself a planner, but my goodness maybe I am. I can’t stand to live in the in betweens of decision making. I can be impulsive at times simply because I am not one to stew over choices, weigh pros and cons, and then make a thoughtful decision. My technique is more shoot first and then figure out what I’ve got to work with. Sometimes it’s good and other times not so much. I guess I’m just not a big fan of waiting. Do you like to wait? Whether it’s a line, for an answer, a result, or just to make a decision I find it really draining. I obsess and find it difficult to think about anything else in the in between time. Believe me, you do not want to hang out with me everyday when I am trying to make a baby. It’s all kinds of crazy. The Doc is so patient. Almost saintly in these moments as I ponder each twinge of my body, every slight feeling of nausea, certain I can determine whether or not a baby has in fact been created 12 hours after “relations.” I know, I’m all kinds of crazy.

But, it all makes me wonder what makes me so unable to live well during these times of uncertainty. Why can’t I look back over my life and realize that things have actually worked out, do not remain wiggly/wobbly uncertain forever, and that I survived the process? Maybe it has something to do with me liking to think that I am in control, when logically I know that clearly I am not. I trust God and trust that He knows far better than I do what is best. But I sure as heck do not act that way. When Jesus talks about not worrying (and by Jesus talking I mean in the Bible, New Testament, check out the book of Matthew right around chapter 6 beginning at verse 25) I think he was definitely talking to me. And, I don’t speak Greek, but I am thinking the word “worry” could easily have been translated to “obsess.” Check it out.

“Therefore do not worry (obsess) about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry (obsess) about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

So this is what I am working on, attempting to improve.  Letting go, realizing that worry or obsession is a complete waste of my time, and realizing that it really is not in my hands.  Good thing I trust the one who holds it in His.

Things I Don’t Like

Motherhood is totally glamorous. I mean, right? Where else do you get to spend so much time dealing with poop, being too scatterbrained in the morning to remember to brush your teeth/bathe/put on deodorant/or other personal hygiene rituals, wear other people’s leftover lunch on your clothing, and have half your wardrobe be ill fitting at any given time due to post partum or pregnancy body changes? That’s right, nowhere. I mean what is not to like, right!? All joking aside motherhood rocks, love it more than friends and am not planning on breaking up anytime soon. Alas, for what I hope will be your entertainment, I offer today some of the things about this amazing role of motherhood that I have not been enjoying so much lately. Here goes.


Underestimating how long my two year old can be civil until her next feeding

Overestimating how long said two year old’s bladder can hold urine

How impatient I can be

Making brownies without eggs and thinking subbing yogurt will be the same. It is NOT.

Having to tell four year old assistant chef that said brownies are too “weird” to take to school to share with her teachers

Finding a two year old in her crib, poo encrusted pull-up in hand (maybe I should feel lucky she hadn’t started to finger paint with it?)

Rainy days with no plans

Head bumps, fingers slammed in doors or basically any random injury that befalls my children

Seeing said children cry

Days when I go hours without telling my girls how amazing they are

Comparing myself to other moms who I think dress better, parent better or are cooler

Focusing my frustrations into a bowl of ice cream

When my $3.00 latte tastes like an old burned ash tray (though I haven’t actually tasted that)


Molé’s current nudist phase (even though her little tush is insanely cute)

Being asked when I’m going to “go back to work” as if I’m not working my PATOOTY off right now

Wondering if my boobs will ever grow back

Trying to explain for the thousandth time what an “edge” on a puzzle piece means and why it only goes in certain places

Being surrounded on all sides while trying to take care of business in the bathroom

Cooking dinner with two small people attached to my legs

And just in case I forgot, whining.

So there you have it. Those small parts of the day that often make me wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. Good thing if I had to make a list of the things I do like right now it would be easily about five times as long. This list pales in comparison to the joy and delight I experience on a daily basis, even amidst whining, as a mom to these two little girls. What random things are you not liking these days? You know I’d love to hear…

And The Winner Is…

First off I was thrilled to see so many of your participate!  For a little known blog like mine it was great to be able to do something that you all were excited about.  A big thanks to Shabby Apple for this opportunity. Hopefully this will be the first of many Just Mothering Through giveaways so stay tuned!

Enough of me though, right!? I’m sure many of you have already scrolled down to check, but at last let me say that our winner is comment number 27!  (this number was randomly generated at Congratulations to Maria, who said her favorite dress is Sheep Meadow. Please send me an e-mail at with your address and dress size so that I Shabby Apple can mail you your cute new dress!

Thanks again everyone!

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Alive and Kicking

Once again I leave without a trace.  No note, no news, just absence.  And so again I apologize.  What’s my excuse this time?  Well, I went here (and by here I mean to the place pictured at right). That’s right, the Magic Kingdom. And by Magic Kingdom I mean the East Coast version of Disneyland. The Doc and I met up with my family in Orlando for a week of Disney what not. Who knew there was so much to do and so many ways to market a certain famous mouse? You want thematic napkins, no problem. Apparel or other home decor, we got that too. And what about food, ehh? That’s right, you can even eat stuff that looks or smells just like your favorite character. Of course, all anyone really wants is a hat with ears, right?

Anyway, it was great and I am so glad that we went. With extra hands. Molé of course chose that week to cut two molars so basically lived on ibuprofen. I would see her attempting to fit her entire hand into her mouth, fussy as all get out and wonder, “Well what is her problem?” Oh right, it’s been 5 hours and 59 minutes since her last dose. Isn’t that incredible? And yet why do I stare at her as if I have no idea why she is upset? Luckily, they did poke through the last day of our trip and she was back to her old self. Unfortunately for us, it was a very rainy day Friday so we didn’t get to have quite the “magical” experience we were promised. We arrived home on Saturday and accidentally brought the rain with us, which has proven to be a huge mistake as it has not stopped since we arrived. Seriously, NOT STOPPED. Best part? We now have about an inch of water in the basement swirling around our beloved “treasures” (um JUNK) without any signs of drying up soon. I know this is common in older houses, but seriously, water in the basement collecting, sitting, and stagnating…how is that possibly good? Not a bad time to be renting.

Okay so, in my post vacation la la land state, I completely forgot to tell you about the excitement that will be happening right here in blog land! I will be doing my first “giveaway” this week. Are you pumped or what? Free stuff, for you! Well maybe, if you’re cool enough to win of course. Here is the website for Shabby Apple if you want to peruse beforehand. Cute stuff, right!? I’ll post details this week so keep your eye out!

That’s all I got for now.

A Free Ride

Um, can I just tell you what happened to us today?  After picking up BQ from school, she promptly asked if we could go to eat at a restaurant.  One thing you should know about me is that there are not many things I love more than eating out.  Unfortunately, we do not have a money tree out back so it is a luxury that we savor on rare occasions these days.  Nonetheless, we decided to take BQ’s suggestion and go with it.  She picked a place nearby and we had a good meal.  As we were finishing up, our waitress came to our table and informed us that our check had been paid.  Not only that, but she told us who had picked it up.  Earlier during the meal, BQ had been waving at a gentleman at the table behind us.  Nothing obnoxious, and he actually smiled back.  Turns out, he happens to be a really nice guy who decided to pay our bill.  Are you kidding me??!!  I didn’t know that actually happened anymore, but wow am I grateful.  Obviously we immediately got up and went over to say thank you.  Oddly enough, we had lots in common and ended up exchanging contact information.  At any rate, it was awesome and I could not help but thank God for that sweet, unexpected gift.  Hope you had a day with free stuff too!

The Doc is IN

That’s right people, my man is home.  I am happily readjusting to sharing my bed, making four cups of coffee and enjoying the sounds of my girls giggling A LOT with their daddy.  I am once again reminded of just how blessed I am to have The Doc as my husband.

So this morning, well through the latter part of the morning/evening, BQ was yelling from her room “my tummy hurts.”  Being the brilliant mother that I am, I figured that she was feeling hunger, since she basically ate absolutely nothing for lunch or dinner yesterday.  After about two hours of intermittent yelling and her parents taking turns checking on her, we heard that dreaded sound.  Yes, that one.   All of the commotion of course woke up Molé who then began with her morning chant of “I ready eat,” as this child wakes up ravenous each morning.  Luckily for us, the post vomiting damage was minimal and fairly straight forward to clean up.  Best part?  We are now thinking that she doesn’t in fact have a dreaded stomach virus but rather was feeling hungry and drank about 8 ounces of water, since the contents were let’s just say chunk free?  It has been an hour and there haven’t been any additional eruptions.  We aren’t out of the woods yet, but I am really hoping that this will turn into a learning opportunity about how when mommy says if you don’t eat dinner your tummy may hurt in the middle of the night, rather than a sheet washing/floor scrubbing/hand sanitizing extravaganza.

Now I’m just left with the “to send her to school or not” dilemma.  I know, I know, keep her home right?  Not worth exposing the other kids.  Yes, yes.  C’est la vie.  So we will just keep rocking this day that began at 6 a.m.  Awesome.