And I’m Back

Last night the girls and I once again survived the cross-country trip back “home.”  The two weeks of good friends, family and sunshine far outweighed the HELL that was flying alone with the girls.  No it wasn’t the first or last time I’ll do it and yes I did know what I was getting into, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it was so incredibly unpleasant.  I wish I could say I was better about keeping my cool, but I’m not.  I was grouchy, frustrated and annoyed.  Good thing my girls still seem to love me.  I must say though that BQ was a rock star.  AMAZING.  She smiled and unlike me actually seemed to enjoy both flights and the layover.  Molé, well um, yah.  Alas, the only way I can sum up the last two weeks, my current grouchy mood and the humor that is being a mom is with the infamous list of rambling thoughts.  Are you excited?  That’s what I thought.  So, without any further introduction, my random thoughts of late.

Coffee is often more than just a beverage.  It is a way of life.

Never underestimate the  joy of a day in the sunshine.

24 days without my husband might as well be 24,000,000.

Good friends who really know you are the best cure for the blues.

My parents are really good at loving me and my girls.

My girls are much more adaptable and flexible than I think they will be.

Chick Fil A is my ultimate fast food kid friendly fantasy come true. (and yet it does not exist where I live).

You can never eat too many chimichangas and they are surprisingly good for leftovers at 9:45 in the morning.  (did that twice).

Seeing someone you love suffer from a disease like Alzheimer’s isn’t fun.

Getting roses from your hubby while he’s thousands of miles away is a wonderful benefit of modern technology.

You can accumulate A LOT of junk mail in two weeks.

It is easy to get sucked into sports like Ice Dancing, even though if ever asked you would totally mock them in public.

When your child wakes up every hour for a couple of nights (and she was not born in the last month) it can make you rather fatigued.

When it takes you days to realize that said child is suffering from an ear infection it causes a bit of remorse.

It’s a sweet, sweet thing to see your children love on a baby.

Getting together with old friends, meeting their kids for the first time, and catching up rocks.

People that stand by and watch you struggle to open a heavy glass door while pushing a stroller, wrangling a 4 year old, and looking haggard after 7 1/2 hours of flying without ever bothering to see if you need help, should be taken straight to prison.  Or worse.

Portable DVD players might be the answer to many of the world’s problems.

It’s hard to live where you would like to visit and visit where you would like to live.

Being a short 2 1/2 hour plane ride away from my parents after we move will be AWESOME.

Whining does bad, bad things to my sanity.

I’m proud to be at home with my girls, even on the hardest days.

I love Mexican food.

Showers with water pressure are so nice.

I have so much more to learn about what it means to love unconditionally.

I really like not wearing a coat.

When a man rams his suitcase into my four-year old little girl while pulling it off of the baggage claim and doesn’t apologize or check to see if she’s okay, it bothers me.  Okay infuriates me.  Yah I might question his species of origin.

Two year olds who use the plane, airport, and other random potties on a trip without an accident are awesome.

Sometimes the best way to shake off the stress of travel is with a #1 from McDonald’s with a regular Coke instead of diet.  (if you know what’s in that you are just as bad as me).

I am grateful, more and more each day, for my parents.

The Doc is going to have three ladies clamoring for his attention upon his arrival tomorrow.

I get a little excited every time the chairman reveals the secret ingredient.

I probably waste a lot of time watching t.v.

I am a work in progress and goodness I have so much more to learn at 31 than I thought I would.

I am now a “grown up” when I sit at the kids’ table.

When my children get extremely overtired they enter into a manic state that can only be described as crazy.

When it comes to doing what is best for my children, I often have to make decisions that disappoint others.

When did our girls get to be 2 and 4?

I am blessed indeed.

Well, that’s about it for now.  What is swirling in your head tonight?  I’d love to hear it!


8 thoughts on “And I’m Back

  1. I’ve decided that believing in God is like believing in the internet. I can’t see either of them. I don’t know how either work. But I know that both always there. They only work when you plug into them.

  2. I had so much fun with the girls! I know Ricola did too! I agree about that one guy who doesn’t hold open doors for you. Ugh, what a ding-dong! (lovin’ that phrase)
    I know I am not a mother but I will definitely be busting these out once I have munchkins of my own. Miss you already!


  3. Hey Amy!!! So fun to read your latest blog entry… I so know what you mean about people in airports who pretend not to see you struggle your way through with kiddos in tote. My three girls and I just took an hour flight to San Francisco… I was appalled (sp?) at the number of people who pass us mom’s with young kids by. I do have to mention, though, one very nice couple on our way home who went way out of their way to be helpful… (Thankyou whoever you are!). Way to go, Amy, for going all the way across the country!!! That is deserves a few extra lattes in my book!

  4. Oh, the airports… I’m just glad you managed not to whack that guy in the head with your suitcase. I could go on and on about people in airports. Once, I was standing in the security line with my 3 kids and saw a mom of 3 kids standing right next to me I was excited. I said, “oh, it is so nice to be in line in front of someone that understands what it is like to get 3 kids through security!” She kind of glared at me, said something about how it doesn’t mean we can be slow and then after I got through I realized she walked right through while her nanny took care of her kids. Oy. She didn’t even help her nanny!!

    Anyway, glad you’re back here in the arctic.

  5. Funny, I was just thinking last night, I cannot believe your girls are 4 and 2. I’m on my way to a five-year-old!! Crazy.
    Love you lady and glad you’re home.
    P.S. Do I need to be your stalker until you agree to passing thru Denver on the way west?

  6. Here are mine for today:

    * I am surprised that empathy for my sick child can *mostly* overcome the gross factor of being thrown up on.

    * Why do appliances (like refrigerators) always break at the worst times (like when you’ve just had a HUGE grocery trip)?

    * I still think my girls are the most precious, funny, and beautiful wonders of creation I have ever seen.

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