I’m Still Here

Big apologies for taking a little blogging hiatus.  Oh you didn’t notice?  No worries we’re still friends.  Well, the reason I have been MIA is a good one, a sunshine and warm days outside with fresh squeezed orange juice kind of reason.  That’s right, the girls and I headed west for a little break from the snow and some fabulous time to soak up the goodness of my parents and their beautiful weather.  I tend to forget during winter that there are still places where the sun does shine and you actually want to be outside.  The girls have been obsessed with the grass, chalk, picking fruit off the trees, running free and NOT wearing coats.  Heaven.

For me, there is always something sweet about coming home.  I haven’t lived here for 13 years now, lots of things have changed in my old neighborhood, and yet so much is still the same.  I keep wondering if I will ever find a place that will feel as much like home.  The Doc and I have moved and moved these past ten years and so much of me is tired of change.  Being somewhere familiar is comforting.  Like a big comfy sweatshirt and pants with an elastic waistband.  I don’t have to worry about whether I say “ya’ll” too much or too little, use the correct term to describe carbonated drinks (pop, coke, soda, soft drink…WHO CARES!!), and am around people who are just plain old like me.  I think we all love to be known and to feel like we belong and while I do like many things about our current home in New England, feeling comfortable or belonging have not been part of my experience.  I think part of the reason that I can feel okay with living somewhere as the odd woman out is because I always have home.  Ever present, never changing too much and just a plane flight away.  And did I mention the chimichangas?

I am going to continue to soak up this glorious weather, enjoy the company of family and friends, and wear shorts in February.  Um yes.  8 more days until The Doc returns from Uganda and a week until we head back east.  Until then I will battle colds (BQ) and teething (Molé) with grass on the ground which somehow makes it much, much more bearable.  I’ll be back on here more regularly in a week or so.  Sending sunshine to all those living in the tundra.  🙂


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