The last 48 hours with Molé have been frustrating. She decided that she no longer wanted to poop on the potty and therefore went twice on the floor and three times in her pull up at night time. Not cool. Not cool at all. Plus, why oh why do it on days when she was pooping so much! Last night I put her down, as usual, and braced myself for another poop incident. Let me back track a minute. Last week this little one realized that if she calls out “potty” from her crib, Mommy will immediately come into her room and pluck her from said crib resulting in a few more moments of freedom before having to go to sleep. Two nights in a row she got me. I ran into the room, unzipped the footed jammies, tossed her onto the potty and…nothing. That’s right, she looked up at me with a sheepish grin and didn’t go even a drop. Well, after her totally working me two nights in a row, I decided that I wasn’t going to be fooled again. Unfortunately for me, that led to three nights in a row, yes 3, of her pooping in her pull up after me ignoring the “potty” cries for 20 minutes. Awesome.

Anyway, last night was the third time, but a bit different. Let’s just say the contents were, ahem, abnormal. I took care of that nasty load and put her back to bed. At around 11 as I was headed to bed (dang NBC decided to start Biggest Loser at 9pm instead of 8pm) I heard some coughing. Then more followed by crying. After going in and out for a half hour I decided it was time for some drugs. My head hit the pillow around 12:30 only to hear more coughing. The coughing continued until 4:30 when it once again turned into crying. This time, I went in to find a very hot and uncomfortable baby who was dry heaving. After some snuggles and more meds I put her back to bed and tried to get a little more sleep myself. Alas, the coughing continued. This morning she isn’t as fussy as I had expected but is wheezing which means inhaler fun. (which is actually the opposite of fun). All of this is to say that it never fails on the days when my kids do things like poop their pants, throw extra tantrums, or seem altogether out of sorts that within 24 hours I find out why in the form of an illness. You would think this would help me to have a bit more patience, but it doesn’t. No wonder she was off in the potty department and gave me all kinds of attitude about it. She probably felt like crap and rather than giving her comfort I gave time-outs. The truth is, we were both a bit off.

As I watch that Mother of the Year Award slip ever so slightly farther away I’m at peace knowing that she will consume copious amounts of juice today, be allowed extra snuggles with Mr. Bear who is usually confined only to the bed, and get all the snuggles and loving she wants. And, that she will once again poop on the potty. I’m going to try and avoid a shoulder full of snot while I soak up these precious moments to hold my sweet baby. Time is too short and I want to breathe deeply of my dear little one.


2 thoughts on “Oh THAT’S Why

  1. Poor little girl! Don’t be too hard yourself, it happens to ALL of us. Daphne’s going through something strange right now. Hope it isn’t the flu coming. She’s the only one that has managed to stay healthy this year!

  2. I’m right there with ya, girl. Not only will I not win the Mother of the Year Award, but it would be a miracle if I were even nominated. My girls aren’t sick at the moment, but it has been a rough day. It is easy to blame a bad night of sleep, hunger pains from calorie reduction diet, a long to do list, and pain from some dental work this morning for my crabbiness, but the truth is I’m just not cutting it today and my girls are the unfortunate recipients of my bad mood. I am encouraged by your words today, though. I will spend the rest of the day choosing to show my girls love and gentle guidance. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mom today. Love to you all! Now, off to get myself a cup of coffee and a small chocolate treat while the girls are still sleeping!

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