Things I’m Eating These Days

Since I often get stuck in a rut with my diet, I thought I’d share some of the things we are digging these days. Maybe you’re sick of them, maybe you also think they rock, or maybe you’re wondering if I have in fact been shopping at a store on Mars. Regardless, here are they are in no particular order. And apologies for those of you who do not have Trader Joe’s as there are a number of references. Unfortunately it really is that great and I hope that one decides to show up in your neighborhood soon.

Panda Puffs cereal

Trader Joe’s big tubs of yogurt (cheap, organic and yummy flavors)


Quakes (you know those tasty, crunchy mini rice cakes. cheese flavored rock).

Dried cranberries


Stir fry with tofu (do it)

Throw whatever I have in the house into a pot and call it soup, soup

Top Ramen with egg, frozen peas, edamame, corn or whatever you fancy

Eggs in general, but especially with a bunk of junk in them

Flax seed in random stuff

Lattes (like there wouldn’t be a reference to coffee)

Cheese sticks


Freeze dried mango from Trader Joe’s

Spring rolls (but NOT the ones that I accidentally buy which have been sitting on the shelf for days, evidently)

Trader Joe’s whole grain tortillas with flax and rolled outs


Panera’s new vegetable soup with the pesto on top (I know it’s hard to think of doing anything other than broccoli cheddar, but you will NOT regret it) and their mediterranean veggie sandwich.


An evening cup of hot chocolate

So there you have it. Have anything you’re loving these days? Tell me about it, because I’ll probably be sick of all this stuff by tomorrow and need a change.


7 thoughts on “Things I’m Eating These Days

  1. I’m big into roasting veggies these days…anything I can throw on a sheet pan with olive oil and S&P goes.

    I also have recently found wheat berries which are so yummy and satisfying…especially when added to the roast veggies to make them last longer 🙂

    I have some beets that ‘processed’ in the summer when they came in our CSA and now I have defrosted them and have been enjoying them on dark greens with some tuna and poppyseed dressing.

    But other than that…I’m in a rut. Currently the fridge is barren and our cupboards aren’t much better…there isn’t even enough to feed Little G tomorrow…guess the grocery store is at the top of my to-do list once again 🙂

    1. I am intrigued by the wheat berries. I’ll have to try those! My girls actually love beets, but I find them to sort of taste like dirt. Maybe I need to try them anew. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. *Good Coffee
    *Multi-grain English Muffins topped with peanut butter and banana
    *Healthy Choice Turkey Kielbasa
    *Roasted Corn Soup from Trader Joes
    *Yogurt Covered Pretzels
    *Paneer Tikki Masala and Naan from Trader Joes … our standard Friday night meal with a glass of Red Wine
    *Frittatas (same concept as soup … you can throw in lots of leftovers)
    *Last night, ginger beef short ribs in the crock pot (new recipe from Robin Miller on Food Network) … to die for, but definitely NOT on my diet

  3. Hi Amy. Glad I found your blog. It’s great! I love Trader Joe’s. I never had one until I moved here. This may sound really gross but, it’s become a fave of mine lately…a baked potato with an egg cooked over-easy on top and steamed spinach on top of that, with parmesan cheese. I love it. I also eat a ton of hummus, Lara Bars, Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free granola, Trader Joe’s coffee, Mango (fresh and dried), Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds, bananas with peanut butter and raisins…I could go on. I like food. 🙂

  4. mmm trader joes is definitely a must for me too. i am really into the unsulfured, sweetened, and dried mango. it’s chewy and really sweet and just plain awesome. and if you’re a spicy kind of girl, they have chili-flavored ones too! 🙂
    and trader joes’ flax tortilla chips are a STAPLE in our house! they have a veggie version too (red, green, AND yellow) and they are soo good and they make me feel less bad about eating too many chips!
    aaand (i’ll stop after this one, i promise!) they have tomato and roasted red pepper soup that comes in a soy milk-looking carton, that stuff is amazing. 🙂

  5. Amy – your suggestions and the comments sound very exotic. This is coming from the house where James doesn’t like things that are “green”. No kidding. Plus two full-time working people right now w/ no kids…not nearly as neat as all your meals sound. 😉
    Frozen pizza
    Frozen 15 min chicken alfredo meal in a bag
    Frozen 15 min stirfry meal in a bag
    Hot dogs
    See a trend??

    This would not, however, include all my preggo snacks! Raisins, whipped yogurt, string cheese, strawberry/cranberry fiber bars, KIND bars-yum!, guacamole, apples, bananas, grapes, goldfish, jello…

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