Sell Me Your Car

Ok, maybe not your actual car, but your type of car. We have been so blessed to live with one car for almost 9 years of marriage. I am actually dreading the inevitable acquisition of a second automobile. Unfortunately since The Doc will have to work at 6 different hospitals after the move, there is no way to position ourselves close to public transport that will enable him to get everywhere. And so, we embark upon this task of figuring out what in the heck car to buy. We currently have a fabulous 4 door Honda Civic and love it. It’s almost 13 years old, but is perfect and still has under 100,000 miles. Obviously we could just get another Civic, but we would like to get something that can fit three carseats across the back and possibly additional passengers. No, that is not some sneaky way of saying that I’m pregnant, but who knows what the future will hold. Regardless, we don’t want to buy a car that we could potentially grow out of in a couple of years. Make sense?

I dread the minivan but know it might be good, am intrigued by the wagon, and have pondered the concept of mid size SUV’s with third row seating. But, that’s all on paper and I want to hear from those of you who actually drive these cars on a daily basis. If you love your car, I want to hear why. If you hate your car, that is helpful too. Any advice, opinions and the like would be oh so helpful. So please, drop me a comment and sell me your car! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Sell Me Your Car

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my minivan. We got it the DAY BEFORE finding out we were pregnant with Broox, so it worked out well!! πŸ™‚ It’s a Toyota Sienna and is UH-MAZING! We were looking at the GMC Acadia for a LONG time before, but just didn’t seem to “fit” with everything we needed it for. I knew we couldn’t afford a fancy SUV so we got the Toyota(we are a Toyota family). With kids thisclose together it is SO nice to have the double automatic sliding doors. SERIOUSLY, it’s a life saver. I open the doors from inside the house and tell the kids to get inside. Then, I just have to haul Broox and the rest of our junk to the car, and then buckle Lilee(Keat can buckle by himself). That feature ALONE is something I would NEVER give up for an SUV. The other thing that is really unique to the Sienna as opposed to other minivans is the row of seating behind the front has three FULL SIZED seats. The middle “chair” actually can be moved up CLOSER to the driver so that it is just as close as having a car. This is convenient for us because we put Broox in that middle seat moved close to me and if he gets crabby I can reach back and touch him, calm him, give him a toy/bottle, etc. It’s JUST as close as having our corolla was with the other two. Also, the storage of a minivan is incredible. We just went up north for the weekend and had a double stroller, two suit cases, a pack and play, a travel swing, AND a duffle bag ALL IN THE BACK! As you can tell, I love my sienna…it’s been amazing and really has been the BEST buy for us! We have Broox in the middle of the middle row, Lilee to the right of him and the seat behind the driver is pulled up so that Keat can get in the back(he’s in the middle). I LOVE IT!! Hope you find something you love just as much!!

  2. I love my car. Love love love… but I would not sell it to you, unfortunately. And I would get something different if I could do it over again. 😦

    We have a Saturn Vue. And it was the awesomest when we only had one child. But now, with two carseats in the back… it’s just crowded. If we ever want to go with friends to the park or zoo, we always have to go in two cars. Which, having a one hour drive to most really fun things, is not only annoying but bad for the environment. I’d love to be able to pile everyone in.

    Obviously you wouldn’t have to deal with this… but hurricane evacuations? Fill that baby up and you still need some room, especially with two kids. I’d also love the extra room of being able to walk around to the chairs in back if I needed (as opposed to the 3rd row suv.

    Family vacations? Extra room in a van to have all your necessities (packed lunches, games, etc) in the front with you.

    And two words: SLIDING DOORS. I love those things on my friends vans. Didn’t think they’d be a big deal but lo they are awesome. Especially the automatic ones with the button on the keyring. No more walking around the car 5.2 billion times to get the kids all in.

    Next time… we’re totally getting a minivan. I’ll be that mom. I can rock the van. Plus, since we want more kids, it only makes sense for us.

    Rock the van, Amy. Rock it hard.

  3. I LOVE the burb. It was a vehicle that I have always wanted but didn’t think we could afford. I love having a vehicle with 4WD. Surprisingly, at the time we purchased, it was cheaper than the mini vans. I can make my gas stretch a two week period, which is nice. It actually gets pretty good gas mileage for a beast. Ours (and maybe they are all this way now) will shut off cylinders and go from an 8 to 4 when you are cruisin’. For example, I gassed up Friday am, drove to Tucson, around Sierra Vista then back home on Sunday and am just needing to gas up today. I would say normally it gets about 16-18mpg. Not the best, but not as bad as they used to be. Not too shabby. I love the space. We did look at other SUV’s with third row option and the disappointing thing about them was the lack of space in the very back when the third row was up. It’s been great having the space in the very back. Especially for trips. We’ve got the two older boys in the back row and then Roo in the center of the second row. That leaves room for 3 more passengers. Which is great. I would have been fine rockin’ the mini, but was so excited to get the burb. I do like the sliding door option on the mini. Can’t wait to hear what you decide! Let me know if you have any more questions. Good Luck!!

  4. I am also in LOVE with my Toyota Sienna! My parents have the GMC Acadia and my brother has a Saturn Vue, so I am also familiar with those cars (and they are good for the different circumstances of my family members), but for a growing family you just can’t beat the Sienna. My husband is one of those guys who spends hours, days & sometimes months researching before he buys something, so I have no doubt that the Sienna is the best minivan out there in terms of value, safety, and convenient features. I don’t need to see the research because I can tell you from experience that it ROCKS! A billion cup-holders, crazy-easy fold-down seats in the back, tons of room/storage, and of course the all-important automatic sliding doors. Can’t go wrong.

  5. Well, Amy – welcome to the club! I have to deal with this issue every 3 to 4 years as we lease my “company car”…
    I currently have a Tahoe and wish I had a Suburban. Active 3-kid lifestyle demands constant running around, school and back, carpools +playdates, and sports. I REALLY dislike the Tahoe and actually NEED the extra full back row and full empty back of a Suburban. Oh, next April can’t come soon enough!!!
    P.S. – my “real” fave car of all time was my 2000 Golf TDI 😦 sigh…
    P.S.S. – I’m a “looks” over “function” girl so a minivans don’t even exist in my mind. Sorry other minivan mamas!

  6. OK, ok, I will chime in. We have the Odyssey. The mini-van has many advantages. I also open the doors while upstairs and send Sweet Pea down to get in. It is also nice that she can go around to her side while I open the door with the remote while I put Panda Girl in her seat. I also like the fold flat seats. It makes life really easy to cart all the junk the little ladies “require”, ahem. We went with the odyssey because I liked the storage in the floor. It is very convenient. I have toys, extra clothes, wipes, trash bags, and a towel inside. It just seemed to have better storage than the Sienna. Otherwise, they are pretty similar. (We did look at both.) We still end up with floor clutter, but not as much as in the old car.
    The only issue we have had is with the special PAX tires that are not being sold anymore. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Good luck and happy hunting.

  7. As you know, we have a 7 seater SUV and an 8 seater Odyssey. They each have their plusses and minuses. We had seriously considered the Sienna as well. I don’t think you can go wrong there either but I like my Odyssey. Drive them both, they feel a bit different. It really came down to the fact that the Odyssey has more leg room on the passenger side. You know, it is nice when my husband’s knees don’t hit the dashboard when we drive. Anyway… that doesn’t interest you guys πŸ™‚

    Volvo XC90 7 seater SUV (or most 3 row mid sized SUVs)

    Pros: “cooler”, lots of seats, ours has great trunk space but some others don’t.

    Cons: gas mileage, though minivans aren’t great either. When you have car seats in the middle row it makes the 3rd row seating pretty unusable. Unless you want to climb over car seats and into the back. Not fun. Not ideal for grandparents πŸ™‚ You can put car seats in the back row but then it is difficult to get back and buckle them.

    Pros: 2nd row bucket seating allows for super easy access to back row. Seats 8 people. No other minivan does. There are more LATCH connectors than any other minivan. Double sliding doors. Fold flat back row. Extra, extra deep trunk holds more than a midsized SUV. The under floor storage is great. Kids can get in and out of it easier than an SUV. Easier for grandparents to fit into comfortably, no climbing over anything. Great turning radius. Handles more like a car and definitely not like a giant SUV. Fits in parking spaces. Though it is worth mentioning that our minivan is just a tad longer than our Volvo SUV. The back row splits so you can put just one side or the other down if you are carrying a lot of cargo. The center console in the front can fold down so you can walk from your driver seat all the way to the back of the car without getting out into the pouring Seattle rain (a big plus).

    Cons: it isn’t as “cool” as an SUV but when we finally made the plunge we wondered what was wrong with us and our egos before because it made daily travel with kids so much easier. Gas mileage. As I mentioned, no minivans get great mileage. Maybe a bit better than a regular SUV but less than a small car or a hybrid. Odyssey doesn’t have all wheel drive. Sienna does but only on the top end I believe (though I could be wrong).

    How’s that?

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