Pray For Haiti

Just a short post to express how deeply sad I am about the earthquake in Haiti. You can read more here. Before the girls, when I had a job with paychecks, I was blessed to work in global ministry at a church. One of the countries we sent medical and dental teams to was Haiti. During the time that I was on staff, we were unable to send teams there due to security issues. Translation? Our dear Haitian friends were too concerned for our safety to have us come even though they were desperate for the assistance. We respected their wishes, even though it was hard to feel like we were holding back when they needed us most. They were truly suffering then and I can only imagine what they are dealing with now.

If you would like some sweet faces to pray for, visit Hope For the Children of Haiti’s website.This is one of the ministries that our church worked with and it’s absolutely incredible.

What else to say? Pray, send a check if you have extra money, or simply educate your friends about what is happening in Haiti. Let’s make sure that these beautiful people do not suffer alone and unaided.


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