Channel 66…So This is Love

Um, do you have The Food Network? Do you? We never had cable until we moved here and found that we could have clear channels for $7.62 a month. We said goodbye to bunny ears and enjoyed being able to distinguish between people and chairs on t.v. In addition to the “free” channels, we received a couple of additional channels. No, no, not those kind of channels and not that kind of free. We live in a two family home and because of the PAIN of putting in two cable lines, etc., we end up with the same service as our neighbors upstairs, who own the entire house. Well, two weeks ago when I went to ABC, there was a blue screen informing me that the channel had moved. I noticed others had moved as well and decided to rescan. That is when the magic happened.

About a month ago, our friends upstairs changed their cable. I know this because it was a PAIN. A certain cable company had to make three visits to the house to try to get it right and still my neighbor had to put the cable line in himself. Good thing he’s almost as handy as, yep, Handy Manny. Anyway, when we scanned our channels basically tripled. Make that quadrupled. It was amazing. Yet another reason why we have the best landlord/neighbors ever. They could not be cooler, more wonderful or generous and they have great taste in cable!! Maybe they’ll decide to move west with us, buy another great place, and let us live there too. (hint, hint).

Oh, but my point. Channel 66, um yes. I have become a bit of an addict. Learning about food, watching people make it, run around kitchens trying to cook it faster, utilizing one secret ingredient in five dishes, finding hole in the wall restaurants around the country that make me want to hit the road in elastic waistband pants to eat my way across America…YES!!! I need no other channels, I require no other entertainment. Great timing considering that The Doc and I will only sleep in the same bed for about 5 nights out of the next two months. No, I’m not exaggerating. So until he’s back by my side on a nightly basis, I’m sticking with The Food Network. And The Food Network, my friends, is good.


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