How We Rocked 2009

Happy New Year! I cannot believe it is 2010. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were cranking Prince’s “1999?” The first decade of this century whizzed by. It was full of many firsts for me and the Doc. Graduations, a wedding, babies, moves (technically not the first time we’ve done that) and much more. There were also difficult times and we watched many friends walk through some painful places of suffering and loss. I stand with them and wave a big old fat farewell to the bad times, glad that they are over and done. There are so many of these firsts that are once in a lifetime events and I hope my memory doesn’t fog up on all of the beautiful details before I can write them down somewhere. How does one recreate the moment she met her first child? Or the way it felt to see the Doc waiting for me at the end of the aisle? These are just some of my sacred moments. What are yours?

In order not to bore you all with ten years of information, I’m going to share some of the highlights of 2009 for our little family of four. I’m gonna rock it poetry style, so I’m apologizing now for the cheese.

2009 you came on the scene,
Without too much “ado,”
I still wrote ’08 on all my checks,
But quickly adjusted to you.

January was so, so cold,
Did I like it? Not,
So we set our sights for TX and Florida,
And places that were hot.

A visit to see Uncle Matt,
And soak in the Miami sun,
Then off to Houston to eat a lot,
See friends and have some fun.

We celebrated the girls’ birthdays,
And grieved the loss of dear friends’ son.
We looked to God for peace and strength,
Reminded victory over death had already been won.

A dear friend’s wedding took us back,
To warm sunshine once more.
Nana and Papa’s and outdoor fun,
And all things little girls adore.

Spring finally seemed to come at last,
New life sprang forth is a baby boy’s face.
We couldn’t wait to hold and love him,
And rejoice in God’s good grace.

Summer, oh did you forget to come?
How long we waited for the sun.
The rain was endless so it seemed,
Annoying us and everyone.

Then sweet July brought family fun,
We gathered to play for a while.
Oh sweet vacation with extra hands,
And the girls never ending smiles.

Cool breezes started coming back,
Though they were certainly not wanted.
We brought out coats and made hot drinks,
I tried to feel undaunted.

Then our sweet BQ went off to school,
It’s Pre but big to me.
Where did my little baby go,
I can’t believe she’s three.

The next few months we ate too much,
And had family come to stay.
The snow fell and the heat went on,
Ruining my day.

And here we sit about to start,
Another decade, how?
I can’t believe how fast time goes,
And better starting savoring it now.

I know this poem’s incomplete,
The facts, I’ll admit, are hazy.
Or maybe it’s the tired Mommy,
Just being a little lazy.

Whatever it is, the Mom or the Memory,
This I know is true,
We totally rocked 2009,
And we’ll rock 2010 too.

Happy New Year!!!


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