25 Days is Rolling on

I apologize that I have not been keeping up with the 25 Days of Giving here in blogland. The Doc’s parents are here through tomorrow, so I have been using my free time to socialize. We have been living la vida glitter and I am seriously considering going into the card making business. BQ is now asking daily to make cards. So fun. How have your days been? Would love to hear…


2 thoughts on “25 Days is Rolling on

  1. Sickness has delayed our efforts here. Adah is an absolute wreck. So far, we have made cards and bought all the fixings for baked goodies. At least we’ve kept up with dinnertime Advent devotionals with the Advent wreath.

  2. We are having fun too. We have written cards to soldiers as well, wrapped presents for Blue Santa, donated our coats to Coats for Kids, and have delivered a meal. I love that Ava is starting to get it a little more. Looking forward to the next few days as well. We’ll be delivering lots of meals and cookies over the weekend. Thanks for the challenge.

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