The Calendar…

Ladies, boys, pets and anyone else who might read this, I am super sorry for the LATE posting of my calendar for the 25 Days of Giving.  I am a slacker and I apologize.  I hope that it is helpful and would love to hear all of your ideas.  If some activities change, I will let you know since I have a feeling some days what I have planned won’t be what actually happens.  Funny how that tends to happen with the little ladies around.  Okay, at last, here goes.
The numbers represent the actual calendar days of December, btw.

1.  Assemble of a care package for Scott Syme, who is serving our country in Iraq over Christmas.  He is also the dad of rock star Captain Haus.
2. Make gifts to send to the girls’ two great grandmas
3 & 4. Christmas cards for the staff and young men of The Micah Project We will spend two days on this project since there are lots of wonderful people we don’t want to forget!
5. Day of education and prayer about Honduras
6. Christmas cards for our church’s homesteader of the week (translation is that each week our church gives the name of one elderly person who is homebound so that we can send letters or notes of encouragement.)
7. A trip to the store so the girls can purchase a toy each to donate to The Doc’s work’s community outreach program. The toys will be given to homeless children involved in a program affiliated with the hospital.
8. Baking treats and brewing coffee to take to our church staff’s weekly staff meeting to say thanks for all of their hard work.
9. The Doc works each week at the senior health clinic so we will be making some cards for him to take to work to give to his patients.
10. A day to sort through the girls’ toys to find some to donate
11. Write a letter and make cards to send to our sponsor child Milimo in Zambia.
12. Day of education and prayer about Uganda
13. Christmas cards for our church’s homesteader of the week
14. Assemble housewarming baskets for women being resettled after leaving a situation of domestic abuse with friends.
15. Crafts, cards and thank-you notes for BQ’s teachers, the girls’ Sunday school teachers, the milkman, and mailman. Whew, might be a busy day!
16. Makes cards and a gift for Great Gpa (he is the cutest 85 year old man EVER).
17. Bake cookies and treats and then take them to those serving at our local fire station.
18. Clean and set-up our home for company. (BIG day)
19. Day of education and prayer for Honduras
20. Christmas cards for the homesteader of the week
21. Make/finish Christmas gifts for family members
22. Go to the grocery store to put together a meal to donate to a family in need
23. Serve as a family at a local food pantry (I don’t have the date nailed down, so this might move to a different day).
24. Wake up early to make breakfast for our family (my Mom, Dad, brother and his girlfriend will all be here- so fun).
25. Celebrate Jesus’ birthday by giving him the gift he wants most- our hearts

So there it is. Is it simpler than you thought? Probably. That’s the best part though, because we realize just how simple it is to do small acts of service each day. Another component of our month is that for each day that complete our activity, we will save a dollar. Hopefully at the end of the 25 days we will have saved 25 dollars to donate to an organization or cause of the girls’ choosing. Can’t wait.

One more thing that was mentioned in the comments by a friend is to modify the 25 days into maybe 2 or 3 things a week. Great idea. We are all at different stages of parenting and if I had a little baby around I would most likely not be trying to tackle 25 days this year! So take that into consideration if it all seems daunting.

Okay, there it is. As I’ve said before, are you in?


3 thoughts on “The Calendar…

  1. Amy, Thanks so much for taking the time to put your calendar up. I so appreciate it and love the ideas. I am going to use many of them. I’m thinking I will do 3 days a week of giving. I’m excited and I hope the boys enjoy it!!

  2. Hey Amy,
    I saw your post on FB and started reading your blog. I love this idea and am passing it along to friends. I hope to get all 25 days in as well. I am working out the ideas today for at least the first week. Thanks for sharing.

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