Potty Party

I don’t know about you, but somewhere around 18 months I get tired of diapers. I mean, DONE with them, over them, so ready for them to be gone that I am fidgety done. Luckily with BQ by 20 months she too was evidently tired of these soggy soakers of human waste. She still needed them for sleeping, but those days of ten wipe diapers and physical reaction to the sight and smell of diaper contents were gone. I never in a million years thought that I would luck out the second time around with Molé. I will admit that I had grand plans of training her around 18 months, but due to a birthday party, illness, and my lack of focus we quickly stopped. I decided to wait until December when BQ would be out of school and we could hunker down at the house until she got the hang of it. Well, yesterday someone else decided not to wait and has been using the potty ever since. I could not be happier. I cannot believe that she is really out of diapers, though I did already pack up half of my G’s!! Pooping is still not her strong suit, but she has totally mastered going pee. (wow, read that sentence again. a great example on the important of context). But, for now I am going to savor the fact that I no longer have to bring bulky diapers, little baggies to bring home the soiled treasures, or that little plastic container of wipes everywhere I go!! Oh the space, the luxury of a purse with room for who knows what. Maybe I’ll start carrying gum again, who knows, it might get crazy. Of course I will need to save space for an extra pair of really cute little undies, pants, shirt, and socks (beware if you have never potty trained when there is an accident the socks are involved 99% of the time) just in case things don’t always go according to plan. But for today, I am going to savor the flavor, put it in my pipe and smoke the reality that is two sets of bunsies in big girl panties. Way to go, sweet Molé. You made your Mommy’s day.


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