Parent Teacher Conference

Um, wow. I don’t think there is any possible way to deny that I am in fact a grown-up. That’s right, I just returned from my very first parent teacher conference. And I was the parent. I know that this is just the first of what will be a countless number of such meetings throughout the girls’ educational years. But the first one was definitely momentous (at least to me that is). We are extremely blessed to not only have an amazing preschool for BQ, but the two most incredible teachers for her Frog’s class as well. Not only are they fun and engaging with the kids, but they truly love and care for the children. As I sat and listed to them talk about our little girl, I was amazed at just how well that have gotten to know BQ in two short months. Everything they said was personal, specific and pretty right on. What a gift to have others love and know our children. As we look ahead to our cross country move in June, I cannot help but feel nervous about finding BQ a new preschool. She only has two more years before kindergarten (GASP) and I want to maximize the time, not simply put her into a daycare-esque environment. (NOT meant to be a slam on daycare, by the way. Preschool and daycare are different and both serve their own purpose). The bar has been set high with our current school so hopefully I won’t be too hard to please!

At any rate, I guess I really and truly am a grown-up. And you know what, it pretty much rocks. Being the parent at that conference today was a great feeling (even though I did have to bring both of my children to the “please leave children at home” meeting). I cannot imagine my life any other way and at 31, I am pretty darn content.


One thought on “Parent Teacher Conference

  1. that is a milestone indeed! if you somehow end up living on the south side of said-cross-country-city… we have a great preschool to recommend! 🙂 can’t wait for a coffee date in june…

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