Recent Happenings

Since I am feeling slightly brain-dead, you will have to indulge me as I once again partake in the lost art of writing down ramblings. Never heard of it? I guess if you hang out with me you are simply audibly bombarded with these ramblings, theories, and the like in person. Usually it is the poor Doc who bears the burden of such information. So, a little reprieve for you, Love. Anyway, a little taste of life these days.

Bronchiolitis isn’t much fun, but medications like Prednisone and Albuterol that help children to breathe normally once again are.

If a disposable diaper gets really full overnight, but does not leak as to alert you to said fullness, you may experience a gush all over your pajamas, hands, and body when picking up said child. Picture the swim diaper effect. Who knew a disposable could contain a mini pond of water just floating around without being absorbed, secretly hiding within. Amazing. Just another reason I’m a cloth girl. When those puppies are full, you are definitely gonna know it.

Rainy Saturdays with the husband away at work for 12 plus hours don’t have to be horrible. Popcorn and a Diego movie coupled with some rocking craft projects can make the day actually enjoyable.

Um about that Prednisone…it can make a small child feel better yes, but it can also make that child act, um how to say it, CRAZY! The doctor said it might make her a bit “energized” or extremely hungry. Hmm. The terms manic, wired, keyed up, and bouncing off the walls are slightly more accurate. Wow.

Finishing the last dose of a ten day antibiotic that your sweet baby girl almost gags when taking is a victory. How I long for the pink stuff that we were denied. Dang you amoxicillin resistant bacteria! Here’s hoping the ears hang tough.

Bathtime midday on a rainy day is a very, very good idea.

Cancer still sucks, so get used to me saying that regularly.

Sometimes Easy Mac is a good choice, no matter how toxic it might be for your body.

You really can have a good time out and about as a family for under $10 in the winter, when it’s dark by 4 p.m. and you live in a very expensive city.

My girls are growing up really quickly. Too quickly. I just want to gobble them up.

I am so grateful that these sweet girls have each other. What a gift. I love watching them together.

Knowing someone who has died of H1N1 is nothing to be happy about.

Crying at the pediatrician’s office isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Walking in with a child who was struggling to breathe merited tears. Leaving the office with a perked up (or hopped up since she had taken some prednisone at that point) child who was just slightly wheezing is tear worthy as well. Just the other kind of tears. 🙂

I am so happy to be a mom. So blessed to have these sweet little girls. Even on the really hard days, I would never in a million years want to go back to life before children. I am being refined through motherhood in ways I never knew possible and it is hard. But, don’t the hardest parts of our life always develop into some of the sweetest, richest, and biggest blessings of all? I think so.

I am feeling sleepy. So on that note, and since my children are napping, I am off to dreamland as well. What are the thoughts swirling around in your head today? Grab some paper, and write them down. It’s always fun to see what you find.


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